Celeb spotting: Here’s who you might run into at the polling station

Musicians, models and designers are ready to ink their thumbs today.

9 out of 18 publicly declared their vote for PTI. PHOTO: FILE

- Ali Safina

VJ, RJ and host

“I’m hosting a few shows to encourage people to vote. Everyone I know is going to vote this time and that’s very exciting to know. I’m supporting the idea of democracy and freedom to vote. This is the first time a democratic government has completed its five years, which is really nice considering that it’s been 65 years since our independence. I’m waiting on the next government to come, it’s about time. I’m really looking forward to a better Pakistan.”

- Nadia hussain


“I am definitely voting  for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. We want a change and something good will come out of this [decision] for sure. I will be anxiously watching TV the whole day with my family and follow the results.”

- Sanam Chaudhri


“Today, I will be at my polling station at 8am with my entire family and will then come home with my proud inked thumb and probably go out for lunch. It will be a big family weekend. I don’t think there are two ways about it, I will be voting for Imran Khan. I actually am in love with his manifesto. I have been constantly repeating it and sharing it on my timeline. I feel it’s about time that we unite to bring a change after years of being indifferent and unconcerned about the state of our nation.”

- Munib Nawaz

fashion designer

“I’m going to vote and then stay home to watch TV. It’s just me and my wife in my house, so both of us will go. This is the first time that our generation has realised that we have some stake in the country’s elections. The first time we feel important, as opposed to the last time, when only 18% people participated in the polls. I am just hoping that riots don’t break out or bomb blasts don’t occur anywhere that day.”

- Shehroz Sabzwari


“I will definitely be going to vote. However, I will be alone since my parents are out of town and my wife is currently in Quetta and will be casting her vote from there. Needless to say, I will be voting for the ideology of Imran Khan that promises a better and a much safer Pakistan. If the PTI wins, I am going to actively associate myself with the party and contribute towards making the much-needed change, especially in the ‘supposedly active’ educated class. Their mindset that is mostly confined to clubs and parties needs to change and I will definitely play my part in addressing this issue.”

- Cybil Chaudhry


I am going to vote because as citizens of this country, it is our responsibility to vote. I will vote for Imran Khan.

- Ali Gul Pir


“I will wake up in the morning, go vote and then have breakfast. Then I will probably head out to my lazy friends’ places, who haven’t voted and motivate them to vote, too. After that, we will all sit down and watch the election results. It’s like a match — in fact it’s an election watch party!

- Fayeza Ansari


“I have lost all hope considering the deteriorating situation of our country that I really don’t know if I should vote, but I will still go and vote. I will be voting for Imran Khan because he deserves a chance, although I don’t have very high hopes from him either. My parents will be voting for MQM. We have already tried and tested the old crocodiles that have been ruling for so many years and so it’s time to bring a change. I don’t think I have any post-voting plans. Everybody is so scared of the possibility that an attack might happen on the day of elections that I don’t think anybody’s parents are going to allow a day out.”

- Samina Peerzada


“Will happily go and vote with my entire family. We are all very excited and I have even persuaded my staff to go and cast their vote. In fact, elections have become a constant feature of discussion in our family. I think anybody who believes in democracy and is longing for change should go and vote today.”

- Aisamul Haq Qureshi

Tennis star

Due to my participation in an international tennis tournament in Europe, I am out of country and won’t be able to vote. But I have taken it upon myself as a mission to earn the highest laurels for Pakistan through tennis and for the last 12 years, I have been totally focused and committed to this mission. I have no allegiance with any specific political party, I am all for Pakistan. Let us all pledge to always endeavour and behave in a manner to earn respect and dignity for our green passport when abroad.

- Nabeel Nihal Chishty 


I am an Imran Khan supporter and if he wins, I plan to return to Pakistan [lives in Dubai currently]. I’m taking the day off and will sit in front of the TV all day and keep myself updated with the results. The government announced at the very end that overseas Pakistanis couldn’t vote and I wasn’t able to book my ticket to come to Karachi and vote. The feeling is so similar to a cricket match — six runs required to win on the last ball and Imran Khan is batting. God bless Imran Khan and Pakistan!

- Ayesha Omar

model and actor

I am going to vote for sure and will spend the rest of the day glued to the television, waiting anxiously for the results.

- Rubya Chaudhry

model and actor

"This is the first time I am voting. We should all realise that we are putting our eggs in one basket again. Everyone thinks a saviour will come and save us; we have to work on ourselves so no one can take advantage of us again. However, I will be supporting PTI on a national level. One day is not going to change our fate. We have to bring change in ourselves.
““If the situation of the city is good, then we [all of the family] will go early in the morning to vote. We will go, sit together and discuss. We would like to see our country progress. For the rest of the day, we will just relax and wait for the results.”

Zaheer Abbas



“I will be voting for Imran Khan. I will motivate the youth of Pakistan to do the same and will pray for a naya Pakistan which we all want to see. ‘Zamanay kay andaaz badlay gaey Naya raag hai saaz badlay gaey, khirad ko ghulami say aazad kar, jawanon ko peeron ka ustad kar (Times are changing, let the youth assume leadership by becoming the guru of the gurus)’.”

Salman Ahmad



“I will definitely vote! Everyone should — I don’t see why they shouldn’t. It seems like elections will take place [smoothly] this time so I don’t understand what’s stopping people from taking part. I would’ve loved to open my store in the afternoon so people can come and shop. The spirit of election is great this time.

Deepak Perwani



“I will try to go early or after 4pm to avoid the rush and hot weather. I will take my mother and my wife along. I consider Election Day as Eid — it’s a day to celebrate and take your family with you. The only difference is that on Eid, only men go and pray together, whereas on Election Day, everyone goes and casts their vote. Ye din awam ka hai jis din woh apna haq istemal kertay hain.Ye khushi ka din hai kyunke aapko apni raye deni hai [This is the nation’s day, where they use their right. It’s a day of happiness, because we voice who we want in the government].


Actor and director


“I’m voting for Imran Khan! I’m going to follow the results on the internet for sure, not TV, since I got rid of my TV some time ago because there was too much Indian content on air.

Amir Zaki


Published in The Express Tribune, May 11th, 2013.


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