Hope for a better system

Published: April 29, 2013

KARACHI: When Mustafa Kamal completed his tenure in 2010 and the government did not arrange for any local bodies elections for the office of the city Nazim, it left the vulnerable general public at the mercy of the administrative system, which after three whole years, has failed to spread the union council networking system like before to cater to the public on a daily basis.

Now, those people who live in areas with no administrative system have no clue as to who they should go to with their problems. The union councils have no authority to take care of the problems of the public. We all know very well the conditions of the police headquarters and their priorities when a common citizen goes to them with a problem. The citizens of Karachi are now waiting to see if the next government will be able to resolve this issue or keep ignoring the problem like the previous government.

Aruba Adil

Published in The Express Tribune, April 30th, 2013.

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