PML-N launches its election manifesto

Economy, tax reforms, local body elections key component of manifesto.

Web Desk March 07, 2013
The PML-N launched its manifesto for elections 2013. PHOTO: PMLN.ORG

LAHORE: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Thursday launched their manifesto for the 2013 elections, Express News reported.

The manifesto was launched by PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif who said that their manifesto hinges on three main points. One of these points was that they would conduct local body elections after assuming office.

Pointing towards their past performance, Nawaz said that even during their short, interrupted terms in office, they had taken Pakistan forward.

Giving a summary of the manifesto, the PML-N chief said that their party had the most qualified and able people in its ranks.

Pointing towards the state of the country and the absence of government’s writ, Nawaz said that “in this light we have to resolve to move forward.”

“That is why we consider these elections are not just about change but about the future of Pakistan.”


PML(N)’s Manifesto 2013

Concrete Targets


I.          Economy


1)         Double the annual average rate of GDP Growth from 3% in the last 5 years to over 6% in the next 5 years.

2)         Accelerate the rate of industrial growth from 3 to 8 percent per annum.

2)         Raise Investment GDP Ratio from 12 to 20% in the next 5 years.

3)         Bring down budget deficit to 4% of GDP

4)         Increase Tax GDP ratio from 9 to 15% by 2018

5)         Provide, in cooperation with the private sector, 1000 clusters of 500 houses each for low income families in different party of the country.


II.        Energy


6)         Generate 10,000 MW additional electricity including 5000 MW new coal               fired power plants under IPP mode.

7)         Mobilize fresh investment of $ 20 billion for power plants and

related infrastructures.

8)         Progressively reducing transmission and distribution losses to 10%.


III.       Agriculture & Food Security


9)         Accelerate agricultural growth to an average of 4% per annum, as an

important component of a comprehensive national food security strategy.

10)       Raise total spending on ‘non pension’ social security from 1% of GDP to

2% by 2018.


IV.       Education


11)       Total expenditure on education to increase from 2 to 4% of GDP by 2018.

12)       100% enrollment of boys and girls by 2020 in line with the requirements

of Article 25-A of the Constitution which makes “right to education” a

fundamental right through Education Emergency.

13)       Raise the overall literacy level from 54% to 80% in the shortest possible


14)       Science laboratories and computer labs in all Government Secondary


15)       Danish Schools will be set up in all Provinces.

16)       Girls High School in every Union Council

17)       Establishing District Education Authorities

18)       Laptops for students in public universities on merit

19)       Education Endowment Fund will be set up in all provinces for award of

merit scholarships to needy students from low income families.

20)       Expenditure on education to increase from 2 to 4% of GDP by 2018.


V.        Health


21)       Expenditure on health to be increased from 1% of GDP to 2% by 2018.

22)       Medical Insurance Card to every family for basic health care at subsidized

rates, as a part of comprehensive national Insurance Service.

23)       Within 5 years, 100% vaccination of children, 50% reduction in maternal

and infant mortality and 10% reduction in the rate of population growth.

24)       Each District will have at least one hospital with diagnostic facilities and

required specialists.

25)       1000 mobile health units will be launched to provide basic health

facilities to remote areas.

26)       Establishing District Health Authority in each district


VI.       Information Technology


27)       Introduce and integrate I.C.T. in all Ministries and Departments and in other major sectors like Banking and Trade.

28)       Establish 500 I.C.T. Centers in smaller cities and town to reduce the knowledge gap and break rural isolation.

29)       Promote local software industry to generate annual exports of at least

$ 10 billion by 2020.


VII.     Employment


30)       New employment opportunities will be provided to over 3 million persons

in public and private sectors including one million in the I.T. Sector and

one million in SME Sector.

31)       Minimum wage for workers will be gradually increased to Rs.15000 per



VIII.    Overseas Pakistanis


32)       At least 50% of annual remittances of $ 12 billion will be converted into

productive investment through special products and financial instruments and a certain percentage of public offerings of all new floatation’s will be reserved for overseas Pakistanis.


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amin | 11 years ago | Reply

Man i have so many expectations from pakistani people. it is very disappointing that so many educated idiots are still supporting noora league. They did not implement one thing from their own manifesto in punjab. Then why you expecting them to do it once they come to power in the center. Please guys give change a chance for the sake of god.

Hasnain Yousaf | 11 years ago | Reply

Manifesto is absolutely quite astonishing but there are many figures that are missing: Peace and stability, drone attacks, Pakistan foreign policy (Pak-Afghan relations after US withdrawal, Pak-India relations, Pak-US relations), and the last but surely not the least action against corrupt bureaucrats, politicians and feudals.

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