Sharmila defends herself over Abbas Town security lapse

“32,000 police personnel were protecting 400 guests? Find a better excuse to bash me!”

Web Desk March 04, 2013
File photo of Sharmila Faruqi PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

PPP leader Sharmila Faruqi received widespread public criticism after it was reported that large contingents of police personnel in the city were deployed at her engagement-related celebrations.

Media reports and the public questioned why security forces were not present hours after twin blasts occurred in Abbas Town on the same night. Faruqi's event was being held at the Mohatta Palace, across town from the gruesome incident.

Amid the ruckus, Faruqi dismissed accusations that security personnel were busy at her event and were therefore unavailable to provide support in Abbas Town.

Faruqi tweeted:
“Abbas town is in District Central and Mohatta in District South Khi. They have separate Dig's to Ssp's to sho's.”

Responding to queries about the heavy contingents of police personnel at her function, Faruqi tweeted:
“Oh 32000 police personnel were protecting 400 guests? Find a better excuse to bash me!”

"Ok! So the blast was my fault and the unfortunate casualties were because Clifton Police was around Mohatta...If it soothes the haters keep abusing"

She also clarified that the event was only a dinner, and not the engagement ceremony.
“And one final clarification. My engagement was on 24th Feb at my house. Yesterday was a dinner. Simple.”

Police and paramilitary Rangers were nowhere to be seen hours after the blast in Abbas Town. None of the senior officials of local administration and police visited the site at the time.


A. Khan | 8 years ago | Reply

@Jawad: You actually pay taxes in Pakistan ?

American Desi | 8 years ago | Reply

This is the bane of third world countries and not just restricted to Pakistan - Misuse of official machinery.

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