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Published: September 24, 2010

Photography has been a passion and a hobby for many since the days when one had to go underneath the cloth to expose the film. It was in those days that people would collect stamps and members of the rich and famous families would take up photography as a hobby. But thankfully long gone are those days. Photography has evolved from the hobby of the elite to the hobby of the masses.

Today, photography can be a hobby for anyone who has a camera and wants freedom of expression. You do not need an expensive camera to begin with. Today’s digital cameras are not only affordable, but have built-in technology that allows even an amateur to capture good quality images.

Make sure that the digital camera is at least six or higher mega pixels (the camera of your mobile might not be helpful).  This will allow the picture to have more detail and will also give you more room to play with in a digital software programme.

Also, you may want to make sure that you have a fairly decent size memory card installed. This will help you in taking more pictures at full resolution and increase the chances of capturing a really good shot. And if you feel that a shot is not worthy, just delete it so it gives you more room for other images.

If you have a good “point and shoot” camera, make sure that you read the manual. It will have bits of information that will help you take the desired pictures. This will save time and help you plunge into your hobby immediately.

Next, you should try exploring the different settings of your camera. Starting with the macro would be a good idea. Taking really close up pictures of things with this mode will make you eye the world differently. Exploration of different modes is vital to understand your camera better and getting acquainted to it.

Initially dedicate one week for each mode. The information on your camera can be overwhelming. One mode a week exploration will give you enough time to figure out what the different modes offer and when you are shooting a project there will be no time wasted on trial and error. Thanks to the digital age, photography has been made fairly easy and is one of the hobbies that people can pick up and learn easily. The trick to taking great, once in a lifetime images is that one should know their camera really well and be alert enough to click at the right moment. Capturing pictures of wonderful moments and sharing them with others is definitely enjoyable.

So, take your camera and go clicking. There is nothing like taking photographs that take you back in time and make you smile!

Published in The Express Tribune, September 19th, 2010.

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