Karachi unrest case: IG Sindh's apology accepted

Published: February 27, 2013
File photo of Inspector General (IG) of Sindh Police Fayyaz Leghari. PHOTO: EXPRESS/ FILE

File photo of Inspector General (IG) of Sindh Police Fayyaz Leghari. PHOTO: EXPRESS/ FILE

KARACHI: The Karachi registry of the Supreme Court has revoked the previously issued show-cause notice to to Inspector General (IG) of Sindh Police Fayyaz Leghari on Wednesday, while hearing the Karachi law and order case on Wednesday, reported Express News.

In its earlier hearings on the law and order case, the court issued a show-case notice and ordered IG Leghari to submit a fresh report on the criminal proceedings in the hearings.

In his response, the IG Sindh submitted a report that said that according to in-house investigations of the police, 423 police officials were known of being involved in criminal activity, however no senior official was named.

Earlier, the five-member bench, headed by Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali, maintained that the report failed to mention the roles of SSP Farrukh Bashir, SSP Pir Farid Jan and other uniformed police officers who were also involved in illegal and criminal activities.

The show cause notice had however been revoked when IG Leghari offered a written apology to the court for submitting an erroneous report.

The court also asked Sindh’s top cop to submit a fresh report about the investigations being done in order to weed out criminal and corrupt elements from the police force.

According to the judges, that policemen who were part of officials’ squads go around the city acting with disorderly conduct.

The case stems from the suo motu proceedings initiated by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry in August 2011 as the city went through one of its bloodiest summers.

There are about 23,000 criminals  freely on the run in Karachi according to previous court and police reports.

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Reader Comments (4)

  • SK
    Feb 27, 2013 - 12:21PM

    nothing but just drama- no one is really interested in fixing Karachi situationRecommend

  • Kazim
    Feb 27, 2013 - 12:24PM

    we don’t want any apology . the people of Karachi want peace … not pieces … 23,000 criminals and all these LEA offer is apology .

    I pay my taxes . I want some peace of mind !!!


  • Nasir Mahmood
    Feb 27, 2013 - 1:36PM

    Until political appointees are removed from the police, no guarantee of peace in Karachi.


  • Xnain
    Feb 27, 2013 - 3:54PM

    Aactually I was talking to one of the guy in police and he was saying that police is so politically bounded that they cant risk any “adventure” of acting against the actors of violence. He himself told that he arrested five people of one of the minister but as soon as he brought them in police station, incharge had already received a call for releasing them. He asked me,”why should I go after the criminals when my own self and family is ultimately put at risk since these criminals have political backing and would not hesitate to avenge their capture by killing policemen. He categorically said that police had both the will and capability to wipe out the wave of terror but only if there would be competent higher ups and no political influence.


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