Zodiac: Reeling in the Pisces man

Pisces man will continue to protect his freedom before diving into a serious commitment.

February 25, 2013

February 18 — March 19

In love with a Pisces? Ms. T has the inside on what makes this sign unique, how to make him yours and what not to do to drive him away.

Inside the Piscean’s head

Just as a fish resists being trapped in a hook, the Pisces man will continue to protect his freedom before diving into a serious commitment. Give him space to breath and he will swim right back to you. An old-fashioned soul, the Pisces man is a true romantic! He will tune into your hidden emotions, always put his partner ahead of himself and shower her with tender, loving care.

Gentle, loyal and sentimental, a Piscean craves appreciation. He is a child at heart and requires a high dose of pampering from a strong, mature and calm woman. Being a dreamer, it is likely that he will often run out of the financial means to fulfill your dreams despite truly wanting to make your life special. On the plus side, a Pisces man is nowhere near judgmental. It is not your limpid eyes or jaw-dropping looks that will hook him but the beauty of your soul. His unique personality will test every woman’s patience and only those who like a little drama in their lives will survive.
Match made in heaven

Pisces man – Virgo Woman

This is the true case of opposites attract. A Virgo woman who faces no fear in defining love will be captivated by the Pisces man’s innocence and sensitivity while he adores her earthy sensuality. A Virgo woman can help fulfill a Pisces man’s dreams by giving him the tools to turn his ideas into reality.
DON’T even think about it

Pisces man — Gemini Woman Pisces man — Gemini Woman

Gemini woman, there are other fish in the sea! Geminis, being free souls, feel restricted by the Piscean’s sensitivity whereas the Pisces man is bound to feel that she is somewhat insensitive.

Make him fall for you hook, line and sinker

1.  A Pisces man enjoys his share of freedom. If you see him drifting away, give him some breathing room — he is only looking for some space.

2.  Get in touch with your nurturing side! He might lose track of where he’s going because he’s such a dreamer. You’ll have to be the one to gently administer a reality check every now and then.

3.  Set the pace of the relationship and make it comfortable for him to be around you. He is loyal, and rather thin-skinned when it comes to matters of the heart and a sucker for your admiration.

Don’t let him slip away

1.  Remember he is very sensitive and emotional, so don’t ever make fun of his larger than life dreams!

2.  Don’t utter the ‘C’ word just yet — he can go a long while before being ready for marriage.

3.  Don’t back off too far, as he may find that he is intellectually inspired by someone else sooner than you would think.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, February 24th, 2013.

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Abhishek Verma | 8 years ago | Reply

Being a Pisces myself,I have come to realize that only a few earth element girls like Taurus Capricorn,and water element Scorpio seem to be the one I would love to live a few lifetimes with...and yes,Scorpio girls that I fall for have often been betrayed before,which results in them being more suspicious and dubious.However,things turn ugly when it's only I who is making all the moves and you are just enjoying the lavish admiration.I often leave the girl forever.Remember,we Pisces are somewhat born to be lead,not to lead..That's what we are... Only those girls who can be patient enough,and mature enough to forget gender differences and initiate approach,are the ones that we want our life partner. I often give every girl her chance,but it seems like my heart is intuitively testing who's gonna be a nurturing and faithful lover in the long run. The Price is high,but the benefits,dear readers,is way beyond imagination.Trust me,the moment you hook a Pisces man,literally the world is yours...and despite common myths,hooking a Pisces is one of the easiest tasks,though it does demands huge price. Huge Price,But Easy Game.

Wendy,its high time that you make a decision now or never,dont make it too late..otherwise you are wasting yours as well as his time.he may as well be looking elsewhere,and you should also go for someone else.In spite of your insecurities,you have to gamble in this game,,,you have to bare open your heart to him if you ever wish to start something.That you are going to do sooner or later once you come to know him on a deeper level,,, One secret that no Pisces man would ever want to be revealed,is that there seems to be some sort of cosmic restriction on Pisces.If someone loves us faithfully,and only us,and lays bare his/her heart...we are "forced" to fall for them.That's the reason why most Pisces avoid commitments,,,because they fear they are not getting a fair deal...

Enough said....this is the month of the Pisces,in Chiron and heavy influence of Neptune...make your moves fast,as pisces are evolving(read it as changing,for worse). Blessed Be

Wendy | 8 years ago | Reply

OK, I'm a scorpio and the gentleman I like is a Pices. He actually seems to want to move faster than I do being that i have had a couple extremely hard break ups. I definately let him know I'm interested and am even taking the step to be the first to go and visit the other( 2 diff states). Should I worry about his faithfulness being in another state or are they pretty faithful as long as they know the other party is commited?

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