170 suspects nabbed in Quetta operations: BBC

Published: February 19, 2013
A girl protests in Karachi against the Quetta bombing. PHOTO: SHAHID ALI/ EXPRESS

A girl protests in Karachi against the Quetta bombing. PHOTO: SHAHID ALI/ EXPRESS

QUETTA: Pakistani security forces have nabbed 170 suspects in their operations across the city, BBC News reported

These operations were carried out as part of the government’s response to the growing demands of dealing with terrorists who masterminded Saturday’s deadly bombing that killed 89 people.

Earlier, AFP reported that security forces on Tuesday killed four men and arrested seven others accused of killing Shia Muslims, including a purported mastermind of a devastating bomb attack that killed 89 people, officials said.

The operation was carried out on the outskirts of Quetta, where thousands of Shias are demanding army protection and refusing to bury the victims of Saturday’s bomb attack on their ethnic Hazara community.

Balochistan home secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani, and Colonel Maqbool Ahmed from the paramilitary Frontier Corps said the killings and arrests took place during what they called an “ongoing operation”.

“Those who were killed were high-profile targeted killers. They were involved in the killing of a Shia judge and senior police officers,” Durrani told AFP.

One of the masterminds of Saturday’s bombing in the Quetta suburb of Hazara Town, was amongst those in custody, Durrani added.

Intelligence and paramilitary officers also confiscated bomb-making material, weapons, suicide vests and ammunition during the operation, officials said.

The arrests came just hours before Pakistani cabinet ministers were due to arrive in Quetta in an attempt to negotiate an end to the Shia protest.

Thousands of women, men and children have blocked a road in Quetta, refusing to end their sit-in and bury their dead until the authorities take action against the extremists behind Saturday’s attack.


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Reader Comments (42)

  • Ali
    Feb 19, 2013 - 12:02PM

    Present them to the court so that they can release them. Hurry up!


  • Nasir Mahmood
    Feb 19, 2013 - 12:30PM

    Police should be kept away from investigations and bring them to justice swiftly.


  • Hairaan
    Feb 19, 2013 - 12:52PM

    “Quetta ko fauj ke hawalay karo” otherwise we will burn more buses and cars in Karachi and make the life of other innocent citizens more miserable.


  • Aristo
    Feb 19, 2013 - 12:53PM

    Tool little too late, aye!


  • arsh
    Feb 19, 2013 - 1:12PM

    They were humans regardless of religious belief.


  • Lord
    Feb 19, 2013 - 1:25PM

    show them to media . Let the masses know on whose instructions they are doing this mass murder of innocent. Tell there seminary/ school names. there school of thought, how they arrange there finances. Please show them.
    Sadly, i know this doesnt happens in the land of pure.


  • Mj
    Feb 19, 2013 - 2:38PM

    The intelligence agencies must have known who these people were if they have been arrested so soon after the attack. Why weren’t they arrested earlier?


  • Jenai dau
    Feb 19, 2013 - 2:41PM

    @hairaan,.. Insensitive people like u are responsible for the way Pakistan is today..get out of your comfort zone once and join the protest against human genocide.


  • Babablacksheep
    Feb 19, 2013 - 4:16PM

    nothing but a try to hose down the situation ——–for a time being


  • ishrat salim
    Feb 19, 2013 - 5:01PM

    @Jenai dau:
    The protest is against unfortunate killings & demand to handover Baluchistan to the Army & almost ALL political are supporting this demand….so what wrong Mr Hairaan has done ?


  • Motasim Ahmed
    Feb 19, 2013 - 5:02PM

    nothing but a sleeping pills …


  • Ammar
    Feb 19, 2013 - 5:02PM

    I hope that fake cases and fabricated operations are not being conducted, and the real culprits are being caught.


  • Stranger
    Feb 19, 2013 - 5:16PM

    There should be a public trial for these culprits. We never know what goes on behind the scenes in big courtrooms and how majority of them get released.


  • ruby
    Feb 19, 2013 - 5:27PM

    If it were so easy to nab the criminals(in less than 2 days), why was it not done after Alamdar Road blast? Could they not have prevented this attack?


  • indian
    Feb 19, 2013 - 5:28PM

    Thats good, at least now pakistanis know what does mastermind(Hafiz sayeed) means in terror cases(eg. mumbai attack). After understanding this case please try to undersatand mumbai terror attack not according to Indian narative but according to International narative(David headily).
    If you want to keep your eyes shut, its up to you and Best of luck for future, because truth is either black or white and cannot be grey.


  • Dr. A.K.Tewari
    Feb 19, 2013 - 5:35PM

    Good initiative , Go deeper and deeper up to the meristem ot the root from where the root of the terrorism tree draws it’s nurishment . Ofcource it is a long chain ,spread all over .


  • Usman Siddiqui
    Feb 19, 2013 - 5:51PM

    Hang them at the same place where the bombing took place


  • Hyder
    Feb 19, 2013 - 6:13PM

    Do you have any courage to denounce the killers of innocent citizens, theirs financers and supporters, perhaps not, as it seems that you are unable to visualize the miseries of the victim’s families and sufferings of wounded persons caused by regular attacks of the terrorists, who have been accepting their crimes and remained unpunished. “Innocent Citizens” at least must continue to raise their voices against the atrocities to show themselves at a distance from the killers and to show their solidarity with the grieved families


  • Khan Jr
    Feb 19, 2013 - 6:14PM

    So after years of evasiveness the FC are finally going after the LeJ. Two questions arise:
    1. Why didn’t they do so much earlier and save the lives of hundreds of innocent men, women and children
    2. With the previous record of the FC, I wonder if this not staged drama involving the detention of innocent peopleRecommend

  • Mosiqar
    Feb 19, 2013 - 6:21PM

    T o all my believers Shia, Sunny, Hindu, Christine or any believe you have. I have only one questing to ask you, or you can ask you’re self. The one Who created you ever asked you to be born as rich or poor, Muslim or any religions or sects

    I like to see an intelligent answer if some one have, I am Muslim Sunny and start my day with prayer, but that’s all I am. I could fall and born in some other family of other religion or sect. Please think about it and educate your self



  • Syed
    Feb 19, 2013 - 6:28PM

    @Hairaan must be so sad to hear about this news. How were you related to the people that got killed and arrested today?


  • Feb 19, 2013 - 7:15PM

    @hyder as a overseas Pakistani I went to the protest in support of hazara and shia community and the unjust killings . I am not a shia but I went as a Pakistani and a human being that whatever happening it is totally barbaric and it should be condemned. But after some time the stupid protesters with microphone started controversial slogans thereafter all the the non shia protesters left the protest. I know the demands are rite but the way they demanding aren’t .


  • Khan
    Feb 19, 2013 - 7:58PM

    They should not be punished unless proven guilty, this is the law everywhere. And why should they be killed when they were arrested in this big number just to stop the horrible terror activities in karachi by the Shias?


  • Noise
    Feb 19, 2013 - 8:04PM

    Hang them all


  • nachelabs
    Feb 19, 2013 - 8:08PM

    170 Suspects…….really!!!!!!!. I thought leads are hard to find and pursue. How could intelligence fail in a bombing operation which involves 170 people?


  • Khan
    Feb 19, 2013 - 8:08PM

    How does that killing justify this terrorism in karachi? You mean to say that if we won’t protest alongside you, you will kill us and destroy our property? ….


  • Jadugar
    Feb 19, 2013 - 8:13PM

    Justice should be quick and severe and those found guilty should be punished publickly. Establishments and people behind this senseless killing should be bought to justice as well. These people have turned Pakistan into a Devils workshop and are giving Islam a poor name around the world. I wonder what kind of Haven awaits them.


  • syed baqar ahsan
    Feb 19, 2013 - 8:24PM

    Islamic law “blood for blood”,slaughter these apprehended all, in lieu of two huge bomb blast took 250 innocent hazaras in two blasts in last 40 days,terrorism in Quetta will rest in peace.


  • Basit
    Feb 19, 2013 - 8:30PM

    Today's Media!!

    One doesn’t need to even ponder to find the authenticity of the news because it’s always there/ built in….. one just need to give a slight critical eye to whet it says …an example is just in front of you

    “The arrests came just hours before Pakistani cabinet ministers were due to arrive in Quetta in an attempt to negotiate an end to the Shia protest”


  • Saeed
    Feb 19, 2013 - 9:22PM

    It should be clear to all what us happening here, and who is behind this carnage. It is the same across the Middle East a battle between two powerful sects. BBC reports that Syrian opposition and the British Home secretary have accused Hizbollah of carrying out attacks against the rebels. On the other hand Israel is treating Syrian rebel wounded, and for the first time allowing anyone from an arab country to cross the border. You do the maths, and figure out the answers, how is the persecution of the Hazaras any different. Just today a senior parliamentarian and retired general from Quetta accused the gulf states of interfering in the affairs of Baluchistan. It is time to call a spade a spade and face reality, if we are to save Pakistan.


  • Feb 19, 2013 - 9:43PM

    it is very good that government has nabbed the culprits but we also need to stop more production of these hate preachers, here is my take on how we can stop hate to stop shia killings http://stopextremism.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/hate-is-the-reason-english/


  • Aahjiz BayNawa
    Feb 19, 2013 - 9:47PM

    Now, also nab the Karachi terrorists.


  • Max
    Feb 19, 2013 - 10:11PM

    @Saeed: Well said. If these guys really want to protest, they should pitch their dharna outside Saudi embassies.


  • Dr. A.K.Tewari
    Feb 19, 2013 - 10:12PM

    Yes , duelity is not going to pay any dividend . Be clear about it .


    Feb 19, 2013 - 10:44PM

    @ Khan It is very unfortunate that someones car or property was burnt down, however imagine a community that had over 1000 of its ppl killed in over a year, even though neither burning someones private property or taking someones life can ever be justified, im sure their pain, their plight and cry for help is far more desperate. And I assure you Mr. Khan these people do not need you or any Mr Hairaan to show any kind of sympathy or empathy its just sad to see this attitude people Karachi have developed where the whole world can be burning in ashes as long as I can take out my car drive to zamzama sip a coffee come back home.


  • Milestogo
    Feb 19, 2013 - 10:56PM

    I always thought there was a foreign hand – may be these 170 are foreigners…


  • aley
    Feb 19, 2013 - 10:57PM

    Great going Durrani Sb. Keep it up.


  • SAL
    Feb 19, 2013 - 11:12PM

    How stupid.


  • Roni
    Feb 19, 2013 - 11:20PM

    I agree with many that it is too little and too late. In addition let us hope that Baluchistan HC does not release all these terrorists unlike the high judiciary in Punjab and SC.


  • Arindom
    Feb 20, 2013 - 12:51AM

    i think they picked up 170 innocent Hazaras– for protesting…


  • Kanwal
    Feb 20, 2013 - 2:35AM

    @khan: Alas to you. Instead of condemning the heinous crime you are referring to small outbreak. If they are violent than it would not be a peace protest for last three days and our so called ACTIVE POLICE OR GOVERNMENT would not make it last. So, at least being as a human respect the shuhadas/innocent people irrespective of their ethnicity or cast. Do not be prejudiced/biased.


  • Khan
    Feb 20, 2013 - 10:51AM

    yes we could see the “peace” in the air, there were flowers falling around on karachi roads. Ask those who earn daily wages to feed their families about the “small outbreak”. I really admire the Saudi law of no tolerance for public protests/ sit-ins/ marches after seeing all this chaos. If 100 people were killed we will add 25 more to the death toll, this is barbaric and removes the sympathy we earlier felt for them.


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