Bangladesh moves to ban Jamaat-e-Islami

Amends law to allow prosecution of JI for war crimes.

Afp February 18, 2013
The move comes after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday indicated that she would back a ban on Jamaat. PHOTO: REUTERS/ FILE

DHAKA: Bangladesh’s Parliament on Sunday amended a law to allow the prosecution of the country’s largest Islamic party Jamaat-e-Islami for war crimes, in a move that could pave the way to it being banned.

News of the move was greeted by loud cheers from thousands of protesters in central Dhaka who have been demanding a ban on Jamaat, whose leaders are on trial for war crimes allegedly committed in the 1971 war of independence from Pakistan.

Law minister Shafique Ahmed told AFP that under the new law “any organisation including Jamaat can be prosecuted” by a special court for war crimes and if found guilty “it can be banned” from politics.

Previously only individuals could be prosecuted for war crimes.

“It’s one step towards banning Jamaat,” deputy law minister Qamrul Islam told AFP.

The move comes after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday indicated that she would back a ban on Jamaat, whose members are suspected in the murder of an anti-Islamist blogger, as it had “no right to be in politics in free Bangladesh”.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 18th, 2013.


Sarmad Ali | 11 years ago | Reply


I dont think you went to a Pakistani college. Otherwise you would be very familiar with Jamaati thunder squads who killed - often with axes and other weapons that were far more advanced than anything anyone else had - innocents who didnt agree with them, harassed girls who did not conform to their archaic vision of clothing and terrorized teachers who did not accomodate them in exams. Many were sons of "moderate" followers of JI who provided asylum to their criminal children (and arranged for easy exit to the devil USA when police came after them), donated to buy the weapons they used and allowed these weapons to be stored in their homes.

You probably never got caught in cross fire with bullets flying past your ear. I did, I was there. Many of these criminals are now pillars of our society. Go figure

Architect | 11 years ago | Reply

I wonder what JI has done wrong with the people of Pakistan?? They r not corrupt for sure and no one can blame sectarian or ethnic violence on them. From what I know they r patriot & loyal to Pakistan. They supported & stood with Pakistan Army against enemies. They were never accused of mass murdering like some other parties. They r not even "mullahs" but r the most educated votebank of Pakistan. Most of all they run the biggest NGO of country, helping & educating disaster effected & needy people. Yeah! they have Jihadi groups and they support freedom fighters in Kashmir & Afghanistan but these activities r always backed by the democratic govts & the military officials.

They have never been forceful for their demands. They never call for "firqa parasti". I have never heard "Kafir Kafir" slogan from them. They have never been fully in power and there is no chance if they will be in near future.

We have worst political parties who r anti-Pakistan and much more violent. We have politician who have betrayed us. We have Army officers who r uncontrollable. We have crisis which needed to be resolve asap. We have people who r trying to break Pakistan. We have ethnic & nationalist parties who r killing each other. We have people who r blowing themselves.

So, my point is, if you think JI is a problem then it's surely not the worst one. u can hate them or disagree with their ideology but it will be injustice if u takeaway their right to participate in the politics.

(Note: I hope u ppl know why JI is facing trials in Bandladesh)

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