At least 71 universities face closure due to shortage of funds

HEC executive director says the govt can spend Rs1 billion on a monument but is not giving funds to universities.

Express September 16, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Vice chancellors of at least 71 public universities on Thursday said that unless the government releases funds to the Higher Education Commission (HEC), the centres of learning would be forced to shut down.

The vice chancellors met with Finance Minister Hafeez Shaikh at the HEC complex in Islamabad to discuss the matter.

However, at a joint press conference later, Vice Chancellor of Fatima Jinnah University Dr Saeeda said that the finance minister made no commitment to release funds to the HEC.

The HEC executive director also told reporters that more than 270 projects of the commission are in jeopardy due to shortage of funds.

He said that the government has allocated Rs1 billion for the construction of a monument at the site of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's assassination, but is not providing funds to universities.


Qaumkibeti | 10 years ago | Reply It is a plight and we ought to feel abashed at the sight of our education system, where Rs. 100 million can be granted for national security and out of Rs. 7 million education budget, the government reluctantly releases Rs. 2 million. What a dilemma and what a future.. a nation dispensed with education!
haseeb | 11 years ago | Reply Talking about the educational budget, I don't know the exact figures but around 2 percent of the budget is secured for the Education System. Ironically, out of that 2 percent a lot of money is shared and distributed amongst the corrupt people. A former government secondary school teacher talking about the ghost schools and ghost teachers quotes that " There are many institutions included in the register which actually do not exist. Still they get money for their funds for maintenance, salaries to the teachers, and other expenditures. If the schools exist then mostly teachers don't turn up in their regular classes, they get their salaries while staying at home and not coming to school". Moreover, there are many cases in which the government teacher dies but the government clerks at AGSindh, keep the person alive in the Pension Register, eating up the pension. So now, i may conclude that its just that the people working in education system are actually not able to distribute the money amongst them selves as the money is not sanctioned or perhaps, already taken by the ministers and higher officials.
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