Russian scholar labels Pakistan a 'success story'

Belokrenitsky said that 2014 can be a turning point for Pakistan as foreign troops are expected to exit Afghanistan

Saad Hasan February 16, 2013
Belokrenitsky said the book has been written from the Russian perspective, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between the two countries.

KARACHI: VY Belokrenitsky says the country has come a long way since Partition

Many intellectuals believe that internal problems and geopolitical upheavals have taken Pakistan to the brink. But according to Russian scholar VY Belokrenitsky, who has spent decades studying its history, the country remains as strong as any other.
“If you look at all that has happened in the past, Pakistan’s is a success story,” he said during the launch of the book ‘A Political History of Pakistan: 1947 to 2007’ on day two of the fourth Karachi Literature Festival on February 16. He has co-authored the book with compatriot VN Moskalenko.
Belokrenitsky said that at the time of Partition, Pakistan was made up of areas which were less developed and faced problems. “Since then, many parts have urbanised and the population has grown manifold. It has become a vibrant society.”
The book has been divided into seven parts which trace the country’s history from the pre-partition era to the tumultuous end of General (retd) Pervez Musharraf’s government.
Belokrenitsky said the book has been written from the Russian perspective, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between the two countries. However, it also deals with prominent political developments.
“We have discussed matters related to the upper level of politics. There is something going on underneath all that as well and not many people know about that. It needs to be studied more.”
He said that years 2013 and 2014 can be a turning point for Pakistan as foreign troops are expected to exit Afghanistan. Columnist Humayun Gauhar also spoke at the event.

Correction: An earlier version of the story carried an incorrect photo of the VY Belokrenitsky. The error is regretted.


shabbir bootwala | 9 years ago | Reply

What I hear from people returning from Pakistan is that in certain areas there are Pop Pop going on. Few people die everyday. It gets cleaned up and business is as usual. The stores open up and things get back to normal. Some people don't pay much attention. It scares the bejjejus out of me to think of the fate of the broken families and their sufferings.

I go on Dawn internet and I see leaders who never have never gone to a university talk and do nonsense work.Very efficiently. It is disheartening. On Television news all I hear petty bickering by the leaders. We have to change to succeed., Peace my brother.


Adnan Sadiq Butt | 9 years ago | Reply

What to say and what not ! .....I Adnan Sadiq Butt who dared to e-mail the C.E( Uncle Mushraf ) to remove the Colonial Law(Britishers slavery laws) of rental tax for the widows and retired persons of pakistan (thinking of that Uncle Mushraf by himself retire on day and be also be saved form rental tax of immoveble properties) Hishighness replied with an ordinance(the quickest way law making) giving exemption of rental tax to W&R.Then I moved the Hong Kong for IT certification from whole world's computer manufacturers association comPTIA . I passed Core Hardware Technologies test - then I had an accident and injured with a head skin cut but my brain was tested with many heavy machines in a hospital and report was made that my brain is 100% ok and my head skin cut was stiched which healed soon .100% ok inside made me think of doing something that can be main solution for top Pakistan problem .I read all speaches of then President's(Uncle Mushraf) on net. Two things found main one Povery Eleviation oth Foreign Debt redution ..For six days and nights I researched for forms and origin of money and loans and world bank and IMF ect etc , haiving 24 hours internet and news and financial Chennals .Pakistan was having only 34 Billion $ loan burdon .I recorded my call calling 9200575 (knowing all 9200??? calls are recorded in G.H.Q. ang gave a quick solution to pak gov to fill the treasury with $s unlimited and endlessly .and after that intensive changes in the economy of Pakistan ...I hope now pakistan will be like Europe no person will wish to go abroad .but one more thing is left to be done that is removel of all laws and upgrade them uptodate ..because all are Colonial (Britishers left slavery laws ) .Lowest level of colonial laws is spoiling the 18 crore people's lives.Uncle got 1 million puonds home in london at king Edward Road ...But not even a flat for me in defence surprised ...Any how God may progress Pakistan by leaps and bounds .. and make it free laws for free people counrty as well .I hope n pray .

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