Party elections: Two Groups claim victory in PTI elections

Ahsan Rasheed said out of the 1,988 winning candidates, 1,481 were from Unity Group.

Our Correspondent February 13, 2013
Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed said that 1,521 out of 2,180 winning candidates belonged to the Ideology Group. PHOTO: FILE


Both groups contesting the union council-level party elections of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) have claimed to have won with majority in Lahore.

The Union Group, led by Ahsan Rasheed, and the Ideology Group led by Mehmood-ur-Rasheed held separate press conferences on Wednesday to announce their victories over the other.

Ahsan Rasheed said out of the 1,988 winning candidates, 1,481 were from Unity Group.

Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed said that 1,521 out of 2,180 winning candidates belonged to the Ideology Group.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, another PTI leader said that no candidate was allowed to disclose his/her affiliation with any group under the code of conduct for the elections.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 14th, 2013.


MAC | 10 years ago | Reply

Other political parties also carry out elections within their ranks. It is required by law to carry out intraparty elections, so they cannot contest elections if they haven't done so. Saying that PTI is the first to do is a myth; that they haven't managed elections transparently and conclusively in just one constituency shows their lack of competence and organization abilities. This should be a warning sign to people who believe PTI can manage a chaotic and complex country like Pakistan. Secondly, if many parties are family dynasties, PTI also is a family dynasty; why is there even one member of Imran Khan's family in the party?Thirdly, if other parties are individual-focused, PTI has always will be a one-man show, and will occupy his office for life, because without him the party will disintegrate. No one except Imran Khan can be elected chairman of PTI; if anyone disagrees they are lying through their teeth. And it is not good thing that he is at the helm of affairs either. The fact that he hasn't managed to build up a grass-roots party in 16 years shows that he is basically an ordinary man pretending to be a messiah.

Muslim Leaguer | 10 years ago | Reply

@ Salman Keep Burnol & even Rashnel for the bunch of PTI trolls throwing their venom at PML-N and benefitting their benefactor-PPP. They blindly follow their Life-Time Chairman who is always ranting PML-N because of his personal grudge against NS. Surprisingly, he has never gone to that level against anyone including Mr Zardari!! Please do some research as to a) why the party is called pml-N? and b) who is the Chairman of pmlN? It is called PML-N because the runaway Dictator General Musharraf's crony, then DG-ISI General Ehtesham Zamir, hijacked a large number of politicians to craft his loyal PML (the predecessor of today's PML-Q). The original party, that had the registered electoral symbol of Tiger, had no choice but to rename as PML-N during the martial law's state power. In the presence of PML, this party has been called PML-N. But with gradual disappearance of Musharraf's legacies, PML-N may approach the ECP for registration of its original name. The Chairman of PML-N is Raja Zaffar ul Haq, not Nawaz Sharif as you think! The intra-party elections of PML-N have never been a problem despite all state power used/abused against it. It does not dish out bigger roles to political turncoats. On the other hand, turncoats coming from other parties landed at all bigger roles at PTI (Chairman is life-time untouched!). PTI has been boosted by the establishment, and is often termed as Pasha Tehreek Insaf, has only one-point agenda i.e., to malign PML-N and (directly or indirectly) support PPP.

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