Out with the new?: ‘What country does FATA belong to?’

Governor Shaukatullah Khan speaks out against his critics at first public appearance.

Our Correspondent February 14, 2013
Governor asked the electronic and print media to not publish information without confirming its accuracy as “one small mistake creates many issues.” PHOTO: FILE


Responding to criticism leveled against his eligibility as the new Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) governor, Shaukatullah Khan said he is a citizen of Pakistan, hailing neither from Afghanistan nor any other country.

He addressed the media at a certificate distribution ceremony at the Khyber Institute of Technical Education on Wednesday and responded to accusations regarding his eligibility as the governor of the province.

Khan is a registered voter in Bajaur Agency, part of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) and according to a petition filed in Peshawar High Court on Wednesday – the governor must be registered to vote in the province he is appointed to.

“This criticism started with my appointment,” said Khan, who took oath on February 10, 2012 and replaced Barrister Masood Kausar.

“What message is being sent to the hundreds of thousands of people from the tribal region of Pakistan – that they belong to a part of Pakistan where no governor or prime minister can be appointed from?” he remarked.

“My appointment is in accordance to the Constitution of the country and any criticism leveled should be soundly backed,” claimed Khan.

With Peshawar Corps Commander Lieutenant General Khalid Rabbani present in the audience, the governor said: “It’s true; I belong to the tribal belt but is Fata not part of Pakistan?”

“Which country does Fata belong to that I am subjected to such criticism?”

Governor Khan maintained his appointment followed due procedures. He asked the electronic and print media to not publish information without confirming its accuracy as “one small mistake creates many issues.”

“If a person from Fata is subjected to increasing disparagement for being appointed governor then it’s ample evidence no one from that region would be able to hold any high portfolio or become the prime minister,” claimed Khan.

He commented on law and order in Fata as it stands today and claimed things had improved since 2007-2008. Khan asserted conditions in the tribal areas will become “more congenial in the coming days”.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 14th, 2013.


ABID kHAN | 10 years ago | Reply

@Tribal insafian: Make use of your brain. The issues is not about his credentials, the issues is that no one can become a governor from FATA. This is what you should look at it..being a tribal u r ignoring this derogatory and draconian rule and are after trivial things of he did nt visit his constituency or did not help refugees etc. Nonsense...The first ever true Representative of Tribal People as a governor and are being opposed because he is a tribal and does not belong to KP so he can not be a governor of KP but vise versa is always true. What a shame.....

Abdullah khan | 10 years ago | Reply The whole Pakistan belongs to since its birth. JUI And JI are USA sponsor parties. If tribal refused to accept durand line. The Afghan Tribals living already did not accept than the position of durand line will be CONTROL LINE like Kashmir and if Afghanistan raised the issue in UNO and demand plebsite in FATA, the mentality of tribals are now changed they certainly want to join Afghanistan. Why some stupid Pakistani creating problems for Pakistan. There will be no Pakistan if tribal change their loyalty in favor of Afghanistan and interestingly the durand line in momand and bajwar is disputed from 1893. And one thing more there is legitimate government in Afghanistan. If present government Accept the durand line. It will not be legitimate Acceptance.
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