Lahoris protest electricity shortage

Express April 11, 2010

LAHORE: Citizens protested against unannounced power cuts at Ravi Toll Plaza and blocked the flow of traffic for the second day today.

On April 10, hundreds of protestors chanted slogans against LESCO for suspending power supply for 14 hours, against the announced schedule of 9 hours.

The angry protestors blocked the road by setting tyres on fire, disrupting the traffic flow. The protestors complained that the area is also facing severe water shortage due to long power cuts.


M.AKRAM NIAZI | 14 years ago | Reply NWFP and Sindh are responsible for shortage of electricity and water. Disease of Provincialism in Politicians of NWFP and Sindh is mainly responsible for power shortage mayhem and the resultant chaos in the society due to tormenting blackouts and long power outrages. Importance of Electricity Versus Wastage of Water for Feudals. Why opposition on generation of electricity by Kalabagh Dam in which no water is wasted but provide option of safe storage of water for future use. Electricity is the need of each and every minute and moment of human life, people can not tolerate outage of electricity for one hour while agriculture land can tolerate need of water even many weeks, but why importance to agriculture of few feudals and no importance to electricity which is the need of each and every citizens • Children weeps in the night due to high temperature and mosquitoes bite due to outage of electricity, • Students can not study in night due to outage of electricity. • Industry can not run without electricity. • Machinery can not run without electricity. • Surgeons can not operate without electricity. • A patient on life machine can not survive without electricity. • Even in agriculture can not use Tubewell without electricity. • Fertilizer can not be manufactured without electricity. • Pesticide can not be manufactured without electricity. • Sugar Mills,Cotton Mills,Flour Mills,Rice Mills can not run without electricity. Above points clearly indicates that use of water for generation of electricity is 1000 times better than wastage of water on land or in sea for few feudals, because water wasted in land or sea is not recoverable but water use for generation of electricity in Kalabagh Dam will be available for use for agriculture and Industry as it was suitable before generation of electricity and there will be no wastage of water. From all above points it is clear that NWFP and Sindh who are opposing the generation of electricity and preservation and safe storage of water in Kalabagh dam are criminals of humanity as well as of World. VICTIMIZATION OF RIVER INDUS BY Govt of SINDH On one side Sindh is wasting River Indus water in sea but on other side making objection on use of water by other provinces for agriculture (Chasma Jehlum Link Canal) and Kalabagh dams for electricity generation. On one side Sindh is calcimining that there is rise of sea level and problem of land erosion and other side also advocating wastage of 10 million Acre feet water in sea to further raise the level of sea and will cause more land erosion. On one side Sindh is saying there is water logging and salinity problem in Thatta and Badin and on other side itself spreading and aggravating these problems with wastage of huge (13 Million Acres feet= 0NE CRORE Thirty Laks Acre Feet Water) Quantity of water for few thousands Acres of land in Thatta and Badin On one side Sindh is calaiming that there is rise of sea level due to global warming and other side also advocating generation of electricity from Thar coal which is the most polluted source of energy and main culprit of global warming and will pollute all land, air and water resources of Pakistan including River Indus. On one side Sindh is cultivating Rice crop in desert and there is always increase in agriculture out put in the end of year but on other side always crying that there is shortage of water while infact all rivers of Pakistan including Hub River of Balouchistan goes down towards Sindh and their is contineously increase in flow of water year by year. On one side Sindh always demanding fresh water but itself doing nothing for prevention of pollution and preservation of water. no single treatment plant is there, no desalination plant is there, on the contrary polluting river Indus water with salt mines and sea water and many lakes have been converted into useless lakes due to pollution. On one side Sindh makes claim on whole water of Indus but on other side victimizing this river by polluting with sea water,factories wastage and fertilizer, infact Indus water near Thatta and Badin is so much polluted and poisioned in Sindh that no one can use that for any purpose. On one side Sindh show they love river Indus,but on other side by wasting its water in sea and opposing any development project on River Indus, Province of Sindh is converting to River Indus into a Nullah and making this river useless for People of Pakistan and instead of preventing its wastage and diverting towards Karachi and coast of Makran,Sindh is wasting River Indus in the sea. As Sindh,Balochistan and Pukhtunkhwa are against Kalabagh Dam because as per Sindh LOGIC Thar Coal is better than Kalabagh as Kalabagh will emmit BLACK SMOKE and Thar Coal will emmit fresh air full of Oxygen. And as per Balouchistan Vision GAS and coal extracted from Balouchistan are one of the most clean source of energy and Kalabagh will pollute air and land resouces and people will drown in Kalabagh and no one is dying in the coal caves of Balochistan. And as per Frontier wisdom Royalty of Tarballa is so important that Pakistan can be broken for that but Kalabgh dam is not good looking as it is in Punjab. All provinces want Provincial autonomy but Punjab should open or close its canals , IIRIGATE ITS LAND AND construct Dams as per desire of other provinces and after asking from other provinces Because it is necessary for unity and prosperity of Pakistan as when there will be no agriculture,no electricity and no water then Pakistan will be more united and more prosperous. M.AKRAM NIAZI
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