Zodiac: Tame the Aquarian man

Ms T. has the inside scoop on what makes Aquarius unique.

February 05, 2013
Celebrity Aquarians: Joseph Gordon-Levitt These celebrities are proof that Aquarian men are some of the sexiest guys around.

January 20 — February 18

In love with an Aquarian? Ms T. has the inside scoop on what makes this sign unique, how to make him yours and what not to do to drive him away

Inside the Aquarian’s head

Understanding an Aquarian’s mind is like solving the Rubik’s cube in two minutes — close to impossible. He can be annoyingly mysterious, disturbingly intellectual and fiercely independent. And for a relationship, these characteristics can seem wonderful at first and then torturous later on. He’ll take any risk in life, except one that involves committing to marriage. Navigating an Aquarian man towards a committed relationship is like walking through a minefield.

He can be extremely flexible in some regards and rigidly stubborn in others. Although he doesn’t have regular charm, his quirky sense of humour is probably his most redeeming quality. He’s a big believer of his own ideals and will always stay true to them.

Match made in heaven

Aquarius man —Gemini woman

The passionate and flirty Gemini woman will forever intrigue an Aquarian man. This bold, adventurous woman will challenge the Aquarian’s ideas and always keep him guessing.

DON’T even think about it!

Aquarius man — Aquarius woman

When you put two independent thinkers together, you’d expect fireworks right? Wrong! In the case of these two, both will see too much of themselves in each other, constantly point out each other’s faults without realising that they are making the same mistakes themselves.

How to rope in an Aquarian?

1.  Stay as elusive and mysterious as him. The moment he realises you are into him, his fascination and adoration will shift to the next woman.

2.  Tickle his funny bone. There is nothing he likes more than a witty woman who can make him laugh.

What makes him vanish like air?

1.  Dropping the “C” word on your first date. Commitment is to an Aquarian, what a dog is to a cat. It makes him run wildly in search for cover.

2.  Making him feel used in any way. If you’re using an Aquarian for money, power or a good time, he has a great BS detector and will instantly call you on it.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, February 3rd, 2013.

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