Twitter alert: Qadri's deadline and PM Ashraf's arrest

As #longmarch, #KSE, PM Ashraf and #tuQ began trending on twitter, local twitterati began to put the pieces together.

Web Desk January 15, 2013
As #longmarch, #KSE, PM Ashraf and #tuQ began trending on twitter, local twitterati began to put the pieces together.

While Tahirul Qadri called for a revolution in Islamabad, in an interesting turn of events,  the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf’s arrest in the rental power case.

A mere coincidence?

The local twitterati begged to differ as they began buzzing about a well-thought out conspiracy.

As #longmarch, #KSE, PM Ashraf and #tuQ began trending on twitter, the local twitterati began to put the pieces together.

Top tweets:

Is the Supreme Court of #Pakistan mounting a judicial coup in league with Tahirul Qadri?

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

Congrats to Pak nation! Half speech delivered & half goal achieved. Tomorrow, I'll deliver second half & you'll achieve remaining goals.

omar r quraishi

Coincidence much? Tahirul Qadri had been asking for SC to have say in formation of caretaker govt - also called PM 'former PM' earlier today

Asma Jahangir: Only a naïve person will think that there's no connection between order for PM's arrest and #TuQ's protest.

Chief Justice ki timing pe maa sadkay! #TuQ

As Qadri huffs and CJP puffs, the Karachi Stock Exchange crashes ... 

Zain..Abdullah Zain

I wish Christopher Nolan would've directed this movement. Qadri to PM: Do you feel in charge? #tuQ #longMArch

Mehreen Zahra-Malik‏

Qadri did tell us last night that the PM was 'ex' now. Guess he knew something we didn't. Probably had a vision about what CJ would announce

Aijaz Soomro

#LongMarch triggers #SC to order arrest of the kleptocratic rental democracy! HAHAHA AHHAHA HAHAH ROFL... LMAO... :D

Amber Rahim Shamsi

If #TUQ's purpose was to destabilise Pakistan, then the #LongMarch has succeeded

Anjum Kiani 

#LongMarch attendees fall in Sajda & offer Nafal of thanks after decsion of the order to Arrest PM Ashraf in 24 hrs comes in. #TUQ


Syed Nasir Mehdi | 10 years ago | Reply one of the RPP inquiry officer is sent to alam-e-barzakh, He himself choosed or some one gave him push. His senior should be alert he may be next.
sultan ahmed | 10 years ago | Reply

Pls do not attributed the court decison with the long march It is coincident not delibrately, The case was already in the court and decided by the court after considerable time nothing more.

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