CM's security protocol linked to child's death

A child died as a result of not receiving timely medical treatment due to the security protocol of CM Punjab.

Express September 13, 2010

LAHORE: A child allegedly died as a result of not receiving timely medical treatment due to the security protocol of CM Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif who was on a visit to the Children's Hospital Lahore.

The baby's father, Mohammad Farooq, a resident of Gujranwala has alleged that he was unable to bring the child to the Children's Hospital in time due to strict security protocol for the Punjab chief minister around the hospital. He was speaking to the media outside the Children's Hospital.

Farooq said he had brought two of his babies to the hospital, but security did not let him in. He later took his second infant to another hospital.

Dr Rathore of the Children's Hospital has denied the father's allegations and said the babies were immediately given proper medical attention upon their arrival at the hospital. He said the babies were born prematurely and were underweight and that the baby who died was already suffering from breathing problems. Dr Rathore also said that the arrival of the CM or other important personalities does not affect treatment of emergency cases.

Dr Saeed Elahi of the hospital said that they did not stop anyone at the entrance and that the CM Punjab directs not to block roads for his security.

The chief minister has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

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Rizwan Akhter | 10 years ago | Reply The death of a baby allegedly occurring during one of the official visits of CM Punjab is hillarious. CM’s security protocol was responsible for the death of one of newborn twins as the father of twins was not allowed to enter the Children’s Hospital as the CM was touring the premises. The father of ill fated twins was denied access for some 30 minutes due to which one of his children died.It is hoped that the death of an innocent baby is enough to force the inquiry panel to tackle the situation honestly and urgently.Even if the CM’s protocol is not found to be responsible for the infant’s death, the insensitive nature of the VVIP security of CM Punjab has once come to the fore for the people of Punjab. It is acknowledged that the CM must carry out his official duties and that threats do exist in this current climate of terrorism, but CM Punjab must not forget his primary duty: to serve the citizens. Khadm-e-Aala must realize it is not the servie of the people but in fact it is panic for the people. He has just adhere the word Khadm-e-Aala but in fact he seems unaware of the actual and practical meaning of this word. Shame on you.
Fasih Ali Khan | 10 years ago | Reply ''shame on you CM . the FIR should be Registered against him . why media is silent on this killing ?'' Good Question Mr. Salahudeen. Money Matters, Simple Answer. Rest their track record is quite enough to scare the media, If you know what I mean.
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