Twitter alert: Abusive PTI vs Dirty PML-N trolls

Supporters of the PTI and PML-N fight it out (again) on the Twitter battleground.

Web Desk January 10, 2013
PTI online supporters have earned the title of PTI trolls for their swift and aggressive approach of defending the party.

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) online supporters follow a simple logic: you're either with us, or against us. Post an anti-PTI comment somewhere in Pakistan's ever-growing online community and the “Insafians” – what they usually call themselves – will get back to you. 

Many local Twitter users have found such fervent PTI support to be pushy, and at times, abusive.

This led to a twitter trend #AbusivePTI on Thursday, with people bashing the party and its supporters.

In defense, a counter-trend #PMLNDirtyTrolls was created, with PTI supporters and well wishers alleging that the PML-N was playing dirty politics on the Twitter front with 'paid' support and fake accounts pushing anti-PTI trends.

Below are few selected tweets from today.
Tweets from #AbusivePTI

Maryam Nawaz Sharif ‏ Qadri sb should stage a Long March against politics of abuse pioneered by #AbusivePTI !!

Adnan Rasool ‏ It is hilarious how people make jokes about Wasi Zafar.. and#AbusivePTI kids have absolutely no idea who he is and try to defend him...

Ali Waqas ‏ A quick look at the trends suggest that someone is getting all they gave to Social Media back! and that also with a bang! #AbusivePTI

Mallick ‏ It was ImranKhan who started #AbusivePTI by using "dengue brothers" for CMShehbaz 

umair azmat ‏ #AbusivePTI & its trolls deserves Award for their Excellence performance in Abusing people..

Usama Baig  worlds No.1 abusive award goes toooooo.the undisputed, welkown and no second to it... give a big round of applause to #AbusivePTI
Tweets from #PMLNDirtyTrolls

Hassan Khan ‏ Once care taker setup will be in placed you will see the oxygen of your campaign will be cut short #PMLNDirtyTrolls and you will be vanished

mE -  #PMLNDirtyTrolls ... Whaat. I didnt know #pmln followers could figure out how to use twitter.

PTI Rocks ‏ #PMLNDirtyTrolls The hideous greedy paid patwaarees even know their leaders are corrupt but still dance to the tune of corrupt moneys!

affan dawood  #PMLNDirtyTrolls call themselves Fauji , LOL Fauj ki tauheen

Aman ‏ If paid better #PMLNDirtyTrolls will start mudslinging against their own masters. All they need is a better price!

Naveed Malik ‏ #PMLNDirtyTrolls cheap tactics cant stop the wave of change now..PTI ayi ayi

Danish Khan ‏ #PMLNDirtyTrolls cry about abuse while their own leaders swear openly in political debates and when they are cornered by logic.

Chugtai Rizwan  like dirty politics they have dirty social media team as well #PMLNDirtyTrolls


unmet46 | 8 years ago | Reply

I am sorry but the chronology of events is not the same as Tribune has put it. It was after there was a lot of "Hue and Cry" over Mushahidullah (from PML-N) using dirty language with Naz Baloch (from PTI) in a TV interview, when even Journalists like Dr. Shahid Masood and Mubashar Lucman started condemning Mushahidulla for it; Maryam Nawaz sharif rose to the situation and said "Mushahidullah sb said nothing objectionable"

It must also be noted that she initially condemned Mushahidullah (bt made conflicting statements of nt having seen the show), later she tweeted something like "honour of women must be upheld no matter what, but I believe respect is also earned by how women conduct themselves."

It was after that that Maryam Nawaz started this trend of "Abusive PTI" where she claimed that since PTI is abusive it has 'a dirty mind' and thus it takes things being said in a diferent context as "dirty" (all this in reference to the Mushahidullah-Naz Baloch event).

Meanwhile AbidSherAli (president punjab PML-N youth wing tweeted tht Mushahidullah said nothing objectionable and he was found 'abusing some one's mother' while journalish Dr. Shahid Masood was being tagged in the conversation.

Usama baig | 8 years ago | Reply

Isne meri tweet kidr se parhi o.O

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