Suspects in Shahzeb Khan's murder case evade police in Dadu

Police say suspects had been on alert after media broke the news.

Web Desk December 29, 2012
Police say suspects had been on alert after media broke the news. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

KARACHI: Suspects involved in the killing of Shahzeb Khan broke through a police containment and escaped from Dadu, Express News reported on Saturday.

On a tipoff on their whereabouts, a police team from Karachi raided a house in Dadu but the suspects managed to flee despite being surrounded.

Police officials claimed that the suspects had been on alert after the media broke the news.

DSP Aurangzeb Khan, the deceased’s father, alleged that influential people were asserting pressure for stopping their arrest, while the police was working for their arrest with responsibility.

20-year-old Shahzeb was killed over a small argument earlier. The prime suspects in the case, Nawab Siraj Talpur and Shahrukh Jatoi, have been on the run ever since.


Asif Siddiqi | 8 years ago | Reply

@Sumaiya: Yes, there is a demand of change, but not by picking a wrong case. This is a clear case of corrupt versus more corrupt. Lets not get emotional on this, If we are willing to change the system then lets not talk of one case, lets talk about all the cases, develop a process and then push our government to adopt that process. Our courts take notice of 10 cases every day... is there a single example where justice is served? Where courts take brave decisions or the support departments provide courts evidences on which they can take decisions? Is transparent system dear sister that we are missing.

You have to understand that we as nation are super talented people, brilliant in things we do, Why can't we make our governments to walk straight? We can. Lets FOCUS on collective, straight forward actions, not get confused with this witch hunt we have wasted 65 years in.

Sumaiya | 8 years ago | Reply Dear Mr. Asif you are absolutely correct but at the same time you are contradicting your opinion about the whole issue here. The reason why the nation is reacting is not because a rich kid was murdered, it is because it was done so openly and without any fear of a consequence and because the murderer proudly yelled out his identity of being the son of Jatoi. Yes many other murderers are also freely roaming with the same pride but hey it is never too late to react and if not even noW then when? You yourself have at the end mentioned a demand for a change so hello!? @Asif Siddiqi:
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