Pakistan formally recognises the Republic of Kosovo

Pakistan becomes the 98th state to formally recognise Kosovo as an independent country.

Ppi December 24, 2012
Kosovo became independent in February 2008.

ISLAMABAD: The Government of Pakistan has decided to accord recognition to the Republic of Kosovo.

The decision has been made in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Kosovo.

The Pakistan Ambassador in Turkey will be concurrently accredited as Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the Republic of Kosovo.

The foreign ministry issued a formal announcement on its website to dispel rumours surrounding Pakistan's recognition.

Kosovo, formerly an autonomous province in Yugoslavia, became independent on February 17, 2008, but is not recognised by a number of countries.

On Monday, Pakistan became the 98th UN state to recognise Kosovo as an independent country.


Ilir | 10 years ago | Reply

Pravica: your commentary is just another form of silly propaganda. Basically your commentaries and interpretations of the history and political issues around are just lies and serbian and russian propaganda. Republic of Kosovo is today an independent State not because United States of America or any other country wanted it, but primarily because it was a will of it's 1,740,000 people, to have an free and independent country. And it has not anything to do with many Pakistani provinces. Independence of Kosovo is a quite different and long process which culminated with the declaration of independence. You are trying to sell your propaganda story as we live in a 15th century, where people have no idea about what is going on on the other part of the world. Stop your propaganda. Islamic Republic of Pakistan has done the rightest thing, because 30 out of 57 islamic countries has already recognized Kosovo. Thank you very much Pakistan and people of Pakistan, we will in the nearest future establish diplomatic, economic, social and cultural relations with you, inshAllah.

Dr. Michael Pravica | 10 years ago | Reply

Dear Editor: Pakistan will end up regretting this decision to illegally recognize the "independence" of Kosovo. Kosovo was stolen from Serbia to establish Camp Bondsteel to act against Russia someday and to protect the AMBO pipeline. Kosovo will never be willingly given away by Serbia as it is the spiritual Jerusalem of the Serbian Orthodox Faith. Thus, the West, led by the US, has destroyed international law and the principle of sovereignty of nations demonstrating that terrorists can successfully alter the borders of sovereign nations and that might makes right. Pakistan's recognition of the Serbian province of Kosovo will encourage many of its constituent ethnic groups (such as the Pashtuns) to seek independence from Pakistan which will result in this nation's demise someday. I strongly encourage Pakistan's leaders to see the forest for the trees to reverse their ill-thought-out decision. Kosovo will always be a part of Serbia.

Sincerely, Dr. Michael Pravica

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