Flood survivors see little reason to celebrate

Published: September 9, 2010
A flood victim in Swat, where there is little reason to celebrate Eid this year. photo: file

A flood victim in Swat, where there is little reason to celebrate Eid this year. photo: file

SWAT: “We are starving to death and you are talking about Eid celebrations? If someone’s long-made world was wiped out in a flick, what will be his/her situation?” said Tasneem, a resident of Madyan, while taking food from a distribution point in a flood relief shelter.

While the unaffected areas illustrate to some extent the nearing of the festival of Eid, the devastation in the flood-ravaged areas has greatly prevented the survivors from indulging in any sort of Eid preparations.

“You know happiness and sorrows dwell inside the hearts. If there is Eid and happiness in the entire world, so what? We can never be happy because we no longer possess a house, food items and other necessities,” she said curtly.

Ramzan Ali, a resident of Sheti Mills Mohallah, busy collecting stones for laying the foundation of his collapsed house, disappointedly said, “The house which I had constructed with an income that was accumulated over a period of 50 years, was snatched away in a moment by nature, along with my other belongings; Eid can only increase our miseries.”

Regardless, shopkeepers have increased rates of the Eid items, as they took advantage of the multitude of customers visiting the Mingora Bazar.

“We anxiously wait for this moment of happiness; people give higher rates happily during Eid days,” said a shopkeeper in Mingora’s China market, adding that his business this Eid was, however, badly hampered by the floods.

Shahid Iqbal, a social worker, while collecting donation for the flood victims told The Express Tribune, “We as a nation should seriously think over the matter, because one part of our nation is suffering from hunger, poverty, diseases and inferiority complexes, while the other is enjoying life to the full. If everyone amongst us buys one gift each for the grieving family, it will at least extend some happiness to them.”

Published in The Express Tribune, September 9th, 2010.

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Reader Comments (4)

  • ARF
    Sep 9, 2010 - 10:54AM

    We are a shameless nation why should we be bothered about anyone else but ourselves. Go look at the streets of Karachi – some main markets are lit up for Eid. What are we celebrating? The floods and our failed nation? Shame on the people who can celebrate without guilt whilst millions don’t have a reason to celebrate and can only see a bleak future up ahead. Shame on you Pakistan – shame on you !!!Recommend

  • Gulalai
    Sep 9, 2010 - 11:46AM

    Lets resolve to share pains and sorrows of the flood affectees in this eid by helping them whatever we canRecommend

  • uzma
    Sep 9, 2010 - 12:00PM

    **celebrating eid with our such brave and courageous nation who faced and still entrants the desaster of floods in simple way bz they needs our love,kindness ,affection.there r no of saying about kindness and care …..i mention some of them to review ourself and to help these survivors in this tme of need.
    Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain

    The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway. ~Henry Boye

    Life is mostly froth and bubble,
    Two things stand like stone,
    Kindness in another’s trouble,
    Courage in your own.
    ~Adam Lindsay GordonRecommend

  • Faraz
    Sep 9, 2010 - 4:28PM

    I wish we could all have the same feelings, and great job by UzmaRecommend

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