Yousafzai new DG CAA

Published: September 9, 2010
New man in to 
face a host of 
challenges, sources

New man in to face a host of challenges, sources

KARACHI: Captain Nadeem Yousafzai, a former pilot of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has been appointed Director General (DG) of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) after prolonged deliberations by the government. Yousafzai, who has been appointed to the post for a period of two years, replaces Air Commodore (R) Junaid Amin, whose contract expires this month.

Aviation experts believe that the present assignment will be testing for the new appointee in the presence of substantial receivables.

The immediate predicaments that the new DG will face include resolving the ongoing restructuring process within the CAA, introduction of a quality management system and other policies that were initiated by his predecessors, highlighted a CAA official.

Meanwhile, it is also expected that Yousafzai will announce a new aviation policy.

Other challenges that he will face relate to the completion of projects, for example the construction of a new airport at Islamabad and other development projects in Gilgit, Peshawar and Skardu that had been stalled after the departure of former DG CAA Farooq Rehmatullah.

The incoming DG will also have to negotiate with the labour union and the CAA Officers Association – the two bodies that were at loggerheads with the former DG.

However, CAA Officers Association Chairman Jaffar Abbas Cheema was upbeat about Yousafzai’s appointment, saying: “We expect that the new DG will catalyse positive changes in this organisation.”

Captain Yousafzai is also a former PAF officer and a graduate of Cadet College Petaro.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 9th, 2010.

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Reader Comments (5)

  • abdulllaha
    Sep 9, 2010 - 12:29PM

    yousafzai may face great challenges as dg caa.the most controvercial re structring of caa inniciated by former dg caa farooq rahmatullaha and continued by out going dg caa junaid ammen is ruining the organisation.most of the posts are being temporarily been filed on acting and additional charge arrangeemnts .in the name of right man on right place the ex policy makers have created havoc in the organisation and created un certaininty among the employyees.zai has to re build the confidence of these employees who work day and night without any lucrative benifits.

    new aviation policy and caa out standing dues against PIAC,comopletion of mega projects like islamabad air port may be tests for yousafzai.
    The posts of director security ,legal and gm audit which ex management has obolished just to bring near and dears and blue eyed personalities at two new post ie director land and director audit should also be revived specially when ICAO audit team expected visit to pakistan.
    being ex employee of the organisation i request for yousaf zai to work in the best interest of caa and forget PIAC .

    abdullaha jamil
    hyder abad sindRecommend

  • ahsen khan
    Sep 9, 2010 - 1:34PM

    The New DGCAA has got his hands full of follies and misdeeds of former CAA Managememt. His takeover has taken place at a very crucial juncture. He has to decide the fate of a controvertial restructuring procss which has benefitted vested interest groups in CAA at the expense of less influential groups. This so-called restructuring is into its fifth year without any positive outcome. Mr. Yousafzai shall have to review the IMS implementation in CAA which has shifted the orgnizational focus from its primary regulatory function toward a futile exercise, as similar experience in Neighboring India has not been fruitful. He will also have to workout negotiations with Officer association and staff Union. He will have to win over both staff and officers to boost their moral, which has been hitting lows in recent times.
    Mr. Yousafzai shall have to strengthen regulatory oversight of the Authority in the backdrop of an ongoing crisis in PIAC and unfortunate debacle of airblue aircraft, but the pirmary challenges he faces will be from inside CAA i.e. fair and transparent corporate governance in CAA so as to make it progressive, profitable with equitable oppertunities for all service group for career development, compensation, working conditions. The list is long… in short the new DG shall have to put the legacy of Farooq Rehmatullah, and that of his cronies, finally to rest. Recommend

  • Sep 10, 2010 - 4:17AM

    Yousaf Zai has indeed an uphill task, following the incapabilities exhibited in the post Air Blue crash and controversies surrounding the new ANO issued, which have angered PIA pilots. However while he has experience in commercial civil aviation, his management skills have yet to be tested. The experience of appointing a crony in PIA has failed, with losses have piled up, rise in delays and substandard Maintenance Repair and Overhaul contracts. There is also the element of Conflict of Interest, since he is an active PIA pilot, appointed as head of a regulatory body that will regulate all Pakistani airlines, including the one which he is employed in. CAA unlike PIA is a profitable corporation, which has been ruined by incompetent management, totally oblivious to its primary task of regulation, instead of a commercial business venture. Recommend

  • Anonymous
    Sep 17, 2010 - 1:08PM

    I would write from a airport user (passager) point of view.

    I would expect from Mr. Yoursafzai to upgrade the airport operations to match the global standards. Karachi Airport used be one of the excellent airport in the region in 1980s and I believe this airport is still lying in the same decade with no additional facilities to passengers.

    Lahore airport was constructed but no additional facilities were given at all. So, people are still found waiting in the queues for their turn. God knows when these queues would be shorten.

    Islamabad airport is a big question mark for all of us. All eyes are on NIIA. Lets see.

    Pleas work to facilitate the passengers…Recommend

  • Sep 20, 2010 - 12:48AM

    We welcome to our new DG, CAA. We request him to see the matter of daily wages staff (which are truned to work charge staff) appointed on different Projects of Civil Aviation Authority. Please review the rate of daily wage from Rs.340 to 550 and as well as confirme us. Its just request.Recommend

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