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Published: December 25, 2012
Ms. T lists down the five jewellery essentials that will save the day and your impression.

Ms. T lists down the five jewellery essentials that will save the day and your impression.

Have you ever felt that your faithful earrings or your ever-so-dependable watch is the only thing that’s saving you from looking like something the cat dragged in?

Like our wardrobe, the jewellery box too, has some essentials that stick with us through weddings and interviews. Ms. T lists down the five jewellery essentials that will save the day and your impression.

Gold cuffs

The gold cuff bracelet is the epitome of luxury when it comes to accessories. A gold cuff gives you the Roman goddess look when paired with your evening wear. During the daytime it can also help you channel high-octane glamour.

Pair gold cuffs with a crisply tailored blazer or chiffon blouse and you are good to go. Gold cuffs are the ultimate must-have in fashion mogul Victoria Beckham and supermodel Iman’s jewellery box and we can’t think of a reason why we shouldn’t add them to our list.

Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings, real or faux, are as indispensible to our accessories’ list as the ‘long’ black dress (LBD) is to our wardrobes. Going out for a quick coffee with your BFF or going to a concert, our favourite pearls add an instant zing of class to any ensembles without fail.

Here’s a tip for our short-sighted friends: dangly earrings look appalling with spectacles. Give lenses and your fashion sense another chance! Or just go for classy pearl studs.

Desi front

Recently Kundun (and Kundun inspired) jewellery has made a glorious comeback. Even though the larger pieces are good for evening wear, the smaller pieces can be worn during the day. Contemporary designs of jewellery set with large stones works both as casual wear and for more formal settings.

Jewellery designer Manizhe Ali, who specialises in silver and Kundun jewellery says, “A lady is incomplete without a pendant set with large stones, a pair of small ear studs for all times, a pair of dangling earrings for evenings and a few bangles that can be worn together or individually.”

A sophisticated long chain

Get your hands on a silver, gold or multi-tone chain necklace and play with different pendants. Layering is hot this season and since it’s winter, you can up the luxe ante by wearing two or three layered necklaces with turtle necks and Peter Pan collar shirts.

Metal necklaces go black easily which is why people treat it as disposable jewellery. Little do they know that a good wash with white vinegar will make their old jewellery pieces as good as new.

Edgy motif jewellery

Every now and then, the Roxanne in you kicks in and you feel like stacking on all your edgy motif jewellery. For all those ‘born to be wild’ moments always keep a signature motif ring or necklace in your jewellery box.

Fashion lovers can now afford the luxury of choosing from a vast variety of animal motif jewellery available at Mango, Accessorise and Next. From snakes to owls to elephants, pick a beast in gold or silver tone that appeals to your animal instinct the most. Somebody answer the call of the wild!

Giant statement ring

Whether you’re closer to ivory or ebony, a chunky cocktail ring in green and blue hues will create a fun contrast with almost any other colour under the sun.

From browns and blacks to pinks and reds, a big ring can add the oomph to your attire in an instant, so get your hands on a vintage statement piece. According to Manizhe, “Must have pieces in your jewellery box should include a chunky ring or two. Not only do they accentuate your style statement, they also give you a mystical appeal.”

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, December 23rd, 2012.

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