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A charity worker from Sweden, Almby had devoted 40 years of her life to Pakistan, its people in philanthropic deeds.

Editorial December 05, 2012

We are forced to wonder what has gone wrong with us as a nation when  someone doing charitable work among the poorest of this nation by trying to ease their misery — something the state should be doing in the first place — is shot at in broad daylight. Yet, this is precisely what happened to Bargeeta Almby, 70, who is widely known as Sister Bargeeta. A charity worker from Sweden, she had devoted 40 years of her life to Pakistan and its people in philanthropic deeds. She was shot in the neck by unknown assailants upon returning from work to her home in Lahore, on December 3. She now struggles for life at Jinnah Hospital, where doctors say her condition is critical.

Almby was associated with a church-based organisation in Lahore. Among the projects she managed was an orphanage in the poverty-stricken, mainly Christian Yohanabad area and a literacy centre in the Kot Lakhpat area. But it was not just Christians that Bargeeta Amby aided. In the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake, she donated Rs30 million to the government for establishing a database centre in Balakot, while her organisation also constructed various shelter homes across the country for earthquake and flood victims.

A case has been registered and the police say investigations are on. Christian and human rights activists have condemned the incident. Past precedent suggests her identity as a westerner that may have been enough to make her a target. There have been other, similar incidents before and the lack of justice served in them has been appalling. Overtime, the UN has been forced to scale down operations in some areas. Other organisations have quit the country as well for safety of life. Under these conditions, the biggest sufferers are the people who are devoid of the generous commitment of such people and with the assailants almost never being caught, it is the victim who pays the price with their life.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 6th, 2012.


shailesh karanjkar | 9 years ago | Reply

The sooner you accept the fact that Islam is rout cause of these problems, the better will be world at large. Islam is teaching hate against all communities, wherever islam went. Most of the muslims are forced converts on the basis of sword. Even Pakistan is created on the basis of hate and violance. Jinha, so called secularist's "Dierect Action" is nothing but hating others. Look the percentage of hindus or any other community of Pakistan in 1947 and today. Just see Egypt, Iran, Saudi, Syriya or any muslim country for that matter. You people can not allow others to live and will not live yourselves together peacefully. Daily new fatwas, new dictates.... if anything happens, preaching overdose about Islam. Something happens in small country and here you start riots.

Salem | 9 years ago | Reply

Must be Indian or American or Israeli agents.. No Muslim can do such an act..Western nations are against Pakistan!!!

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