Twitter alert: Tears and anger on Salala attack anniversary

Published: November 26, 2012
Majority of Twitterati dub reopening of NATO routes as 'selling the martyrs blood'. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

Majority of Twitterati dub reopening of NATO routes as 'selling the martyrs blood'. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

One year after 24 soldiers were killed in an attack on a Pakistani check post on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, #RememberingSalala was the top trend today (Monday), with Twitterati across the country posting tweets to express their sorrow and disgust.

On November 26, 2011, Nato forces opened fire on a check post of the Pakistan Army located in Salala, which left 24 soldiers dead. In opposition, Pakistan blocked supply routes to Nato-Isaf forces stationed in Afghanistan.

However, precisely after seven months and six days, Islamabad announced the lifting of the ban just as soon as an apology was tendered by Washington.

Today, majority of the Twitterati dubbed the incident as “selling the martyrs blood”.

Wajahat S. Khan ‏@WajSKhan

One year ago, the 7 Azad Kashmir Regiment did what it had to do: sacrifice 24 of its finest at Salala. But are we doing what we have to do?

Ambreen Ejaz ‏@ProudPakistanii

26 November, 2011. The day was Saturday. The day our ‘friends’ attacked us. #RememberingSalala

A Good Soldier ‏@Soldier_pk

They fought & stood against the might of US Army with small arms, they fought side by side, they gave courage a new name#RememberingSalala

Sabena Siddiqi ‏@sabena_siddiqi

They faced bullets for us ..we salute the martyrs of #RememberingSalala

Sumaira Jajja ‏@SumairaJajja

One year on, in #Pakistan the memory of Salala attack martyrs is lost in oblivion. #RememberingSalala #US #NATO

Naveed Ahmad Khan ‏@NavidAhmadKhan

The current leaders sold our martyrs’ blood and after a few months reopened the supply line. We are a joke of a nation.#RememberingSalala

fatima riaz ‏@fatima_riaz

i wish the people would start respecting the military a little more#rememberingSALALA


#rememberingSALALA Why Do We Remember Salala? We Only Remember Malala O..O

Fatima Ali ‏@FatimaAli52

we don’t have anything for them, but mere words!we accept or not,but we owe nothing less than our lives to them #Pakistan#RememberingSalala

Sameed Akhter ‏@SameedAkhter

SALALA rhymes with MALALA but you wont hear about it on the intl news because we sold the martyrs’ blood #rememberingSALALA

nightwar hawk ‏@mareium

these mean politicians and elites have SOLD OUT the sacrifices and blood of the martyrs for few dollars ! #RememberingSalala #Pakistan

Yousaf Malik ‏@YousafMalik41

We remember our boys who fought to the last bullet & last drop of blood, but have we learned anything from that incident.#RememberingSalala

zulfiqar haider ‏@xulfii

Dollars in accounts make U forgot the brutality of NATO that killed our 24 soldiers… Oh Did i say.. we sold their blood #RememberingSalala

Double Envelopment ‏@Truth_pk

Today I am #RememberingSalala because they fought against uneven odds and never gave an inch. The bravest of all brave

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Reader Comments (2)

  • indian 001
    Nov 26, 2012 - 2:33PM

    Shahrukh khan is held at USA airport and is asked questions and leave him issuing indian government apology for inconvenience i repeat inconvenience and imran khan is asked apparent drones stance and dont apologize and the best of it USA pounds 24 pak allied soldiers and does not give a damn to apology enuf said


  • G.A.
    Nov 26, 2012 - 8:51PM

    This is the true side of the existing empire of deceit…


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