‘A foreign conspiracy’: JI to stage rally against attack on former chief

Former minister accuses security forces and Mohmand Agency’s political agent of falsifying information.

Our Correspondent November 20, 2012

PESHAWAR: The former Jamaat-e-Islami provincial minister, Hafiz Hashmat, accused the security forces and the political agent of Mohmand Agency of falsifying information regarding the suicide attempt on JI’s former chief, Qazi Hussain Ahmad’s life.

Staging a protest on Sher Shah Suri Road on Tuesday, he termed the attack as a ‘pre-planned conspiracy by foreign intelligence agencies’ to eliminate the JI leadership who actively campaign against the war in Afghanistan.

“The security forces and Mohmand Agency political agent are trying to portray a remote control bomb attack as a suicide attack,” Hashmat said. “The government is trying to prevent the JI from participating in the upcoming elections.” He told party activists that such ‘mean’ tactics cannot deter the party.

Hafiz Hashmat


The JI is ready to tackle any untoward situation, he said. “In the past we have defeated the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and now because of our policies and struggle, the US is also on the run.”

The JI leaders also announced to stage a protest rally on Friday against Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip. The rally will be taken out from Masjid Mohabbat Khan after Friday prayers and end at Chowk Yadgar, where party leaders will address the participants.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 21st, 2012.


Chill | 8 years ago | Reply

Well, well, well. Jumat Islami is full of contradictions and confusion. they are only good for rallies, protests and strikes, nothing else. why are they forgetting that the snake they nurtured to bite others in neighbourhood could one day creep back into their own homes. they became a tool in the hands of CIA and ISI and defeated Russia, but at the cost of destroying Afghanistan and radicalising FATA and much of KP. In their tenure as MMA, they again joined hands with a dictator, remained partners in war on terror for 5 yrs, without stopping NATO supply for a second. At the same time they allowed Taliban to control swat and convert it into a hub of heavy weapons and a din of hardcore fighters in thousands. Now, since they r no longer in govt, they desperately try to gain high moral ground and go to elections. Now they serpent has struck its owner. But so strong is their delusion and their flawed ideology, that cant even condemn and name their enemy, and blame it on the illusive enemies like Pakistan govt, America, their allies etc. A similar delusion was seen in the Malala attack. On top of all this confusion, their worst nightmare is the awakening of people of KP, who no longer seem to be swayed by their jehadi/anti-American/extremist rhetoric.

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