Powerless men go to jail while the powerful get NROs, says Imran Khan

PTI chief says ending corruption and collecting tax required to pull Pakistan out of this quicksand.

Sunara Nizami November 14, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Irked by inaction on the Supreme Court’s order in the NRO implementation case, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan said Wednesday that it was merely the powerless men who have to endure jail terms while the powerful get NROs.

Speaking at a PTI press conference in Islamabad and criticising politicians, Khan said, “These people have made politics into a business and they don’t let any inquiries be conducted.”

He called this the biggest problem of Pakistan.

“A powerful man steals in the country and gets the NRO,” he said, referring to Younus Habib, the owner of Mehran Bank implicated in the Mehrangate case for allegedly having a hand in the creation of the IJI.

“This was also the NRO, they did not let an inquiry be conducted and did not let him be sentenced,” said Khan.

“Only the powerless man goes to jail and this is the tragedy today,” he added.

Khan said that Pakistan was in quicksand.

“Who collects tax and who will end corruption?” he said was the question that needed to be answered.

“The one who cannot do this cannot pull Pakistan out of this quicksand,” he added.

Referring to certain politicians, he said that those who themselves “have allegations against them of taking  Rs3.5 million and those who have Rs5 billion in Switzerland yet say they will not tell” cannot pull the country out of this quicksand.

“They will save each other and not take any action except for this noorakushti and giving statements,” said the PTI chief.

He asked why the Supreme Court’s order had not yet been implemented. “When the time for the real job comes, i.e. to investigate, where is the FIA inquiry?” Khan said.

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Ishrat salim | 7 years ago | Reply | Recommend


If SC order in Asghar khan case is implemented....many politicians including NS stand disqualified......the govt is hesitant to investigate as per SC order because there is case of secret fund use to remove Punjab govt of PML N in SC.....seem understanding reached between PPP and PML N -- no investigation no pursue secret fund case in SC.....

We have tried n tested both major polítical parties....what have they given to the poor? .so, why not try PTI....it will not be worse than what it is today....

Viqar Raja | 7 years ago | Reply | Recommend

You look like ediot to me. Who has no vision. Altaf case is pending. Scott Land Yard need evidences from Pakistan. Corrupt government & allies of Altaf do not permit them to come. He filed case against Khawaja Asif. He took heauge really to South Waziristan bravely. Whereas no politician have courage to go close these area either. Party elections are in process. Now can you compare him with your other beloved politicians.

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