US should review its war on terror policy, Zardari tells Olson

President reiterates that drone attacks in Pakistan are counter-productive.

Web Desk November 12, 2012

President Asif Ali Zardari held a meeting with US Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson on Monday where he stressed that Washington should review its policy on the war on terror, reported Express News.

The president reiterated that drone attacks in Pakistan are proving to be counter-productive and leaves all the efforts done by the government meaningless.

He also called for Pakistan’s stance on drone strikes to be accepted by the US. However, he reassured the ambassador that Pakistan would continue its role in the war on terror as an important ally.

Pakistan wants to have relations with the US based on trust, respect and mutual interest, he maintained.

The president also condemned cross-border shelling carried out by the Afghan Army and said that infiltration from Afghanistan should be stopped.

Olson also assured the president that the US accepted Pakistan’s role in the war and hoped that cooperation between the two countries would continue.


PNP | 9 years ago | Reply

Why they would change their policy when Pakistan cannot control its own territory . Control your territory first before telling others anything

Sexton Blake | 9 years ago | Reply

Is it my imagination that Politicians are getting duller and slower. I cannot remember the exact words, but during WWI the British politicians of the day explained that they would not dignify what the German had to say by opening discussions with them, even though the Germans were suing for peace. As a result the British lost 1,000 men per day for four years, and the Germans lost a similair number of men. Now, nearly a 100 years later, although not loosing quite so many military personnel, we are 12 years down the track, trillions of Dollars/Rupees out of pocket and negotiations with the enemy have not started yet. We know the various tribal units will be here indefinitely even if the Americans stick around for 30 years. Why don't the politicians start discussions immediately and then America can give the whole world a break and get out of Pakistan/Afghanistan by the end of 2012. I know it is a dream but why not dream? I suppose the best thing we can hope for is that our leaders will improve. After all, they cannot get any worse, or can they?

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