PTI only needs Pakistan's youth, not big politicians: Imran Khan

Politicians cannot buy the youth of Pakistan by distributing computers, says PTI Chairman.

Ali Usman/ferya Ilyas November 04, 2012

LAHORE: I only need the youth of Pakistan to bring change, not big names or big politicians, said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Sunday.

He was addressing the PTI Youth Convention in Lahore at the announcement of the PTI's youth policy.

Imran stressed that a huge young population will vote in the upcoming general elections and PTI needs them.

Bashing the free laptop scheme of the Punjab government, Imran said the politicians cannot buy the youth of Pakistan by distributing computers.

Sharing his ideas of what makes a great leader, Imran said a good leader must be fearless, selfless and always speak the truth.

“A coward can never be a leader,” he said, adding that the reason to admire Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Nelson Mandela is that they all worked towards a bigger goal rather than their personal gains.

Responding to criticism regarding politicians quitting PTI and joining other political parties, Imran said his party is not affected by who is leaving the party.

“We welcome anyone who wants to become a part of our party but whoever wants to join, will do so on our terms,” he said, adding that everyone is free to leave PTI.

He further emphasised that the only thing that will affect PTI will be its diversion from its agenda.

The PTI chairman also called on the youth to fight for their future and utilise the “God-given” chance to bring a change.

“This is not my war, I was blessed with more than what I asked for; this is your war and if you don’t struggle, the future is going to be dark,” he said.

PTI Youth Policy

As per the PTI Youth Policy, unveiled during the convention, the party will give 25 per cent of its tickets to its young members in the coming elections. “PTI will also finance their election campaign,” the policy stated.

The policy further revealed the party’s plan to form a youth parliament to train young people for leadership. “A parliamentary committee will take youth’s voice to the National Parliament,” the policy added.

The party also intends to establish National Youth Foundation (NYF) - an autonomous institution solely working for the youth. According to the policy, the NYF will take care of activities related to health, social life, entrepreneurship, art and culture.

On the local government front, PTI will reserve two seats for youth councillors – one male and one female representative. The youth councillors will work at the grass-root level and coordinate with the NYF for the execution of all the youth related projects, the PTI office bearers said while unveiling the policy.

The youth policy also announced that PTI will spend 5 per cent of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on education, which currently stands at 1.8 per cent. PTI, as per the policy, will promote distant learning in Pakistan and will have a uniform education system for both the rich and the poor. The policy also promises to create two million jobs for the youth every year.

Speaking during the convention, PTI youth leader Waqar Toor said the PTI youth policy revolves around Allama Iqbal’s concept of self-esteem.


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Sheikh | 8 years ago | Reply

@Roger: The intent behind handing out free laptops was NOT encouraging excellence in academia. It was a one time political stunt to win over the youth in Punjab University only. Get your facts straight sir.

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