Accused doctor denies detention incident

Dr Fazeela Abbasi, accused for illegally detaining a woman and police officials her clinic, has denied the charges.

Umer Nangiana September 03, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Dr Fazeela Abbasi, who was accused for illegally detaining a woman and police officials her clinic on Tuesday night, has denied the charges. However, the evidence collected by police suggests that the complainant, Rizwana Rasheed, was indeed detained. Two guards at the clinic were arrested by police and questioned; their confessions also said that Rizwana was detained.

Dr Fazeela maintained that no incident of detention had taken place at all. She said that Rizwana had started yelling at the clinic staff for some reason. “We kept on asking her to leave because she was disturbing other patients but she did not budge and called the police instead,” she said.

Dr Fazeela told The Express Tribune, “I am shocked at the propaganda by this woman. I do not know why she is doing this. I think she is part of a conspiracy against my family because of our position in the government.”

Dr Fazeela Abbassi is the daughter of Justice (Retired) Begum Naseem Chaudhary who is a Member of National Assembly (MNA) from Multan and the chairperson of National Assembly’s standing committee on Law and Justice.

Dr Fazeela said that the woman was a fake and not even living at the address she had given in the FIR registered with Shalimar Police Station.

However, the complainant Rizwana Rasheed denied the allegations put forward by Dr. Fazeela. “I am deliberately not living at the residence given in the FIR because I fear Dr. Fazeela can harm me and my family as she has already threatened me,” said Rizwana. She her present address had been communicated to the authorities concerned where she could be contacted.

Shalimar police raided Dr Fazeela’s for her arrest but could not find her. Rizwana questioned why Dr Fazeela had disappeared and gone into hiding if she was innocent.

Publsihed in The Express Tribune, September 3rd, 2010.


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