Bakra Eid memories

Here, we talk to some of our fashion industry leaders regarding their celebrations and traditions on Eid day.

News Desk October 26, 2012

On the day of Eidul Azha, bakra sales have reached their zenith. Amidst all the bakra beauty competitions and hero bakra competitions, the tradition and the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim carries through. Here, we talk to some of our fashion industry leaders regarding their celebrations and traditions on Eid day.

Adnan Pardesy

Fashion designer

“Back in the day we were living as a joint family, so we would get six to eight animals and my cousins and I used to fight and argue saying, ‘This goat is mine’. Whoever had ownership of the goat would make sure it’s the last one to get sacrificed.  In those days we would have fun buying animal jewelry and decorating our animal. I’ve never been really scared to do the sacrifice. I was brought up to believe this is our faith and something we have to do. I’ve never been fussy or scared because it’s part of our tradition. Since the age of 12, churi to mujhay phairnee hi parti hai (I have to perform the ritual). Even though I’m not a very religious person, my dad still makes me do it!”

Nomi Ansari

Fashion designer

When I was a child, Eidul Azha was a big thing. I love decorative cows, and enjoy dressing them up. Just today, I told my servant to go to Gizri and buy some animal jewelry. These days, kids don’t do so much. For us, it was all about spending time with our animals. We would get them accessories and take them for a walk. Our house looked like a bakra-mandi since we lived in a joint family before with all my chachas and cousins! We would compete with each other over whose animal was the best. But that was when we were kids. Now children can’t walk on the street or ride a bike because of security, and they make faces at the animals and complain about their smell.

Amir Adnan

Fashion designer

Whether it’s Eidul Fitr or Eidul Azha, I celebrate it to the fullest. We get together as a family with my children and my friends. I make sure everyone is involved. For Eidul Fitr, I also make sure to take my kids along and go see everyone we haven’t met in a long time; especially the elders in the family (the older they get, the more important it is for me to go see them). If I can’t go physically – then I make sure I call them, especially the ones I haven’t spoken to in a long time and generally those who are upset with me. I want to use this time to fix things. I see Eid as a great opportunity to mend relations. For Eidul Azha, I sacrifice the animals myself, and I have my kids involved also. My father did the same thing, and I carried on with it. This time is the first time we gave money out to Edhi because we were travelling, but since plans changed we are doing something very special this Eid. I have four days – and my kids and I decided to build a tree house. We’ve been collecting and cutting wood. My kids and their friends are collecting books, games, cactus and mospel. I have three kids, a 17-year old daughter, 15-year old son, and a 10-year old daughter, and we want to sleep in our tree house before Eid holidays are over. Our project is called Database and it starts tomorrow!”

Munib Nawaz

Fashion designer

Growing up, we used to love spending time with our animals. I’ve never slaughtered the animal myself but my brother used to do it. In recent years, I’ve been delegating this responsibility to somebody from the office to do go purchase an animal for me and sacrifice it. In my line of business, this is pre and post wedding season, so it’s time for my sleep. I try to stretch it and get five to six days off so I can rest. But I know I will have to go to my in-laws. We spend time together as a family with my mother and wife. I also find time to catch up on new seasons of shows that I want to finish watching. And of course, I eat lots of food!  It’s fun and relaxing – the barbeque parties – with friends and family are great.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 27th, 2012.

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