Asghar Khan case: Chaudhry Nisar doubts FIA will perform

FIA has been working as a "handmaiden" for the government to protect corrupt people, says opposition leader.

Web Desk/ferya Ilyas October 21, 2012

ISLAMABAD: For the last four and a half years, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been working as a "handmaiden" for the government to protect corrupt people, said Opposition leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Sunday.

Speaking to media in Islamabad, Nisar said one cannot expect fair performance from the country’s investigative agency.

“I’m surprised; SC knows what FIA did in Hajj scam, NICL case and the OGDCL case,” he said.

Following the apex court verdict on the Asghar Khan petition which found a former army chief and a former chief of the all-powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) guilty of rigging the 1990 general elections (against the Pakistan Peoples Party), the FIA was directed to recover money used for this purpose from certain politicians. The FIA will have to recover Rs140 million.

The opposition leader said that there is not even a single issue in which the FIA had worked transparently.

Nisar further lashed out at politicians who have been attacking his party Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) since the court’s verdict.


Sikander | 8 years ago | Reply

Every thoughtful Pakistani wants to see an independent, fair, impartial and evenhanded judiciary. I, as an ordinary senior citizen, request and appeal to the honourable judges of the SC to immediately set up a commission to investigate the truth behind Dr Arsalan Chaudary’s alleged friendship with the property tycoon, Riaz Malik. The commission should be mandated to travel to London, Monte Carlo, Marbella or whenever Dr Arsalan visited when the cost was borne by the son in law of Riaz Malik. As Dr Arsalan pleased that he is not guilty, then why should he be not declared innocent after a proper trial and accusers be given an exemplary punishment? I also request to form another commission to write a letter to Swiss authorities. Is Asif Ali Zardari the only corrupt politician in Pakistan? What about the Asghar Khan petition about the ISI paying money to selective politicians in the 1990 elections? Why is this case not being perused as vigorously as the NRO case? No other politician has been under the prism on corruption and other charges as much as Zardari. What is to be the verdict about the other pending cases of the Sharif brothers and the Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif ruling Punjab on stay order after the governor of Punjab declared his government unconstitutional? All such cases should be dealt with on priority. The impression that the SC judges are selective in pursuing PPP cases on a fast track must be removed by deciding the cases of Sharif brothers at the same pace.

Logic Europe | 8 years ago | Reply

The chief justice is just looking for retention and extension ,

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