Sunni Ittehad Council backs military operation against Taliban

Kareem says alleged terrorists should be brought to justice in courts instead of attacking them without investigation.

Owais Jafri October 15, 2012

MULTAN: The Sunni Ittehad Council on Monday declared the Taliban them as terrorists and declared that they would support any military operation against them.

An alliance of various Sunni parties, SIC Chairman Haji Sahibzada Fazal Karim said that they would completely support the government, if it decides to coduct the operation.

Talking to the media at the Multan railway station, Karim called the Taliban terrorists, working to fulfill personal interests,“They are the same people who have no respect for mosques, mausoleums and teachings of holy saints. They have only spread terror and want to implement their ideology, which is terrorism.”

Kareem was in the city as part of SIC's long march to introduce a legislation against blasphemy.

Commenting on the attack on Malala Yousufzai, Karim said that this was an attack on the ideology of Islam, which encourages educating women, as well as Muslim women all over the world.

On drones, he said that they were against Shariah (Islamic Law), adding that criminals, including alleged terrorists should be brought to justice in courts instead of attacking them without any investigation.

“No person can be killed…only blaming him for terrorism without any investigation. Drones attacks are helping terrorists and they are achieving their targets in the name of revenge,”

Earlier on arrival at the Multan railway station, he had been received by thousands of SIC workers from South Punjab, supporting him and raising slogans in favour of the SIC. Karim said that the purpose of this long march was to demand an immediate legislation to bring acts of blasphemy under the ambit of the law, which should be implemented all over the world.

He added that Pakistan can introduce this legislation through the platform of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

“Blasphemy must be put under the check of law in all over the world as soon as possible otherwise it can be easily used for terrorism in the world. Muslims believe in peace but will not let anybody to dishonor their religion.”

“We want to save the country with our values of peace and prosperity based on true teachings of Islam, he added, “We are uniting people of Pakistan through this train march and they will definitely be united because they do not want Pakistan to be labeled as terrorists because of some terrorist elements.”

Talking about the failure of the incumbent government to curb terrorism, Karim said that they were more interested in making political statements.

"Their 'silence' is spreading extremism in the country and giving extremists the confidence to terrorise people into following their ideology."

The train march left for Rawalpindi after a brief stay at the Multan railway station.


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usman | 8 years ago | Reply

we agree with u fazal karim and we apprecaite ur brave stand on it..we hope leaders like u will save Pakistan and us from terrorists and extremists.. we really love SIC for its brave policies

Jibran | 8 years ago | Reply

@ashraf javed: Which phosphorous bombs? The terrorists were holed in Jamia Hafsa (why men were allowed in women hostel is another story). The graduates of Jamia Hafsa were terrorizing and threatening shopkeepers of Aab Para, kidnapping women, harboring terrorists, taking up arms against the state, spreading hatred. All of them are serious crimes. They had to be flushed out. Irony is that all of those graduates are scott free. They must be booked and brought to justice.

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