Malala’s brain not damaged: Medical reports

DG ISPR confirms Malala is still on the ventilator, but her state is satisfactory.

Web Desk/sunara Nizami October 12, 2012

RAWALPINDI: The medical tests done on Malala Yousafzai after a bullet was successfully removed from the gunshot victim have revealed that her brain had not sustained any damage, reported Express News on Friday.

After Malala, a 14-year-old child rights activist, was shot in the head by the Taliban, the doctors who performed surgery on her had expressed fear of a possibility of slight brain damage. However, all of her medical reports came out clear.

Earlier, neuro-surgical and intensive care specialists said that although Malala’s state is satisfactory, the next 36 to 48 hours are critical for her, DG ISPR Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa announced Friday.

Briefing the media on the state of Malala, he said that the transfer from Peshwar to Rawalpindi, although difficult, had transpired successfully.

Bajwa said that the decision to transfer Malala from Peshawar to Rawalpindi was taken in accordance with directives from the doctors’ panel.

The reason, he said, was that “the intensive care facilities here were found to be extremely suitable”, adding that all tests and investigations would be conducted again in here.

The DG ISPR commended the performance of the doctors in Peshawar.

He also told the media that while Malala was being moved, her team of doctors travelled with her.

“The panel consists of both military and civilian doctors but there are two foreign doctors as well who were and are consulted for expert opinion,” he said.

Bajwa said that Malala was still on the ventilator and no decision had been taken on transferring her abroad as yet.

He urged people to continue praying for her.

Earlier, doctors had said that Malala had a 70 per cent chance of survival and despite improvement, was seriously ill.

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malala get will soon

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@qamar: "In my opinion Attackers are neither muslims nor talibans."

Of course! They are nonmuslim RAW,CIA, or Mosaad. Everybody know that! It's so obvious. Right? :-)

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