Dual nationality: ‘Country does not need half-Pakistanis as representatives’

CEC Fakhruddin G Ebrahim says ECP has summoned meeting on Oct 19 to decide what to do on issue of dual nationality.

Sidrah Moiz October 05, 2012

LAHORE: Speaking on the issue of politicians holding dual nationalities Chief Election Commisisoner (CEC) Fakhruddin G Ebrahim said on Friday that the country needs “pure Pakistanis” as its representatives and that “half-Pakistanis” were not needed.

Ebrahim, speaking to the media in Lahore, said, “This is a defining moment for the country. If free and fair elections won’t be conducted then we won’t have the ‘new Pakistan’ that we want.”

He said that the only task that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has “from 5am to 12am” is to deliberate over how free and fair elections could be conducted. Ebrahim said that a lot of mistakes were made in the past and that it was time to improve.

“The ECP has summoned a meeting on October 9 to decide what to do on the issue of dual nationality. We were the first ones to disqualify parliamentarians, holding dual nationalities. Now that the Supreme Court is also looking into the matter, it has further strengthened this case. This matter if of high importance”

He said that the parliament “was upset” over how some politicians were disqualified for holding dual nationalities. “We sought information from some of them, but they refused to cooperate.”

Ebrahim expressed dissatisfaction over the media coverage done on the voters list and said that the media “misquoted figures”.

“The newspapers run stories saying that hundreds of thousands of voters’ name were not included in the voters’ list … I say, take at least one or two thousand names which you think are not there in the list to prove it.”

The CEC said that it was the responsibility of the election commission to compile voters’ list, however, the politicians, media, the civil society and voters were also responsible for it.

“If your name is not there in the list then you should get yourself registered, now that the process has become so simple and you can register yourself through your computerised national identity card.”

He also dispelled rumors about any intervention from the Presidency, saying that there never was and never will be any intervention from the Presidency.


dpd | 11 years ago | Reply

Pakistan was created for muslims and now they are acquiring new citizenships ??? In sixty odd years, they now now deserting what IQBAL and THE QUAID fought for. They must be ashamed of themselves for being on the payroll of Pakistan. Imagine the PAKISTANI tax payer footing the salary of a FOREIGNER!!!!! Shame!!!!!!

Abdul Rahman Khan | 11 years ago | Reply

@Dr.A.K.Tewari: The overseas pakistanis are sending money to their kith and kin in pakistan and not donating that to help the government of the time. Their remittances are also serving the government needs for foreign exchange but, basically and primarily, they benefit their relations in pakistan. After the money laundering rules were tightened in the western countries, the overseas pakistanis had no way left open to send their money through 'hundi' or 'hawaala'. This channel of remittances show how selfish was that to send the money lthrough these illegal channels just because they get a small amount in excess compared to the officiald bank rates. That's why ithe remittances have increased following the stringent money laundering rules.

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