Condemning drones: Petition signed by over 3,000 Americans delivered to US Embassy

Letter includes signatures by Alice Walker, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Wolf, Oliver Stone, Tom Hayden and others.

Web Desk October 03, 2012

ISLAMABAD: A letter calling for an end to drone strikes in Pakistan, signed by Noam Chomsky, Naomi Wolf, Oliver Stone and other 3,000 American civilians, was delivered to the US Embassy in Islamabad on Wednesday, a press release said.

The statement said that the letter called upon US authorities to end its campaign of drone strikes in Pakistan and to bring the drone policy in compliance with US and international law. The letter has been signed by leading US authors, film directors, professors, activists and a Nobel Peace laureate.

The letter was organised by Just Foreign Policy and includes signatures of Alice Walker, Danny Glover, Tom Hayden and Patch Adams, among others.

According to the press release, the letter cited 474 to 884 civilian deaths caused by US drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004, including 176 children. It also cited the fear caused among the civilians as stated by a recent report by Standord/NYU released last week.

The US peace activists who delivered the letter are in Pakistan as part of a delegation organised by US peace organisation CodePink. The delegation will also travel to Waziristan for a peace march to meet the drone strike victims, the statement said.


gp65 | 10 years ago | Reply

@Deepwater: "Rom Paul does not count since he couldn’t be elected dog catcher"

Clearly ROn Paul does not have a shot at the Presidency but he has been elected as a COngressman for over 30 years.

indiantroll | 10 years ago | Reply G. Din, none of your arguments made any sense. Ron paul dropped out because the republicans wanted romney. He still has a massive following. lol @ the occupy movement fizzling out. You have no idea, sat in India. Occupy has shook the establishment to its core.. The economic situation is MUCH WORSE RIGHT NOW, THAN IT WAS DURING THE VIETNAM WAR Tent cities springing up, once prosperous cities like detroit and cleveland are now ghost towns. people like you look at things subjectively and how you want to see them, go and see the reality on the ground. People in America are VERY ANGRY. You said in Vietnam over 2k soldiers had died, well guess what. In case you hadnt noticed Afghanistan is going the same way (more than 2k US and 3k Allied have died in Afghanistan) The US simply cannot afford it. Regardless of how much you hate muslims, keep on going raam raam till the sun rises, Will not change the fact that The US is dead broke.
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