A disgrace for all of us

I would recommend that the team members be asked to appear before the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee.

August 31, 2010

SARGODHA: The cricket team has disgraced us once again. I would recommend that the team members be asked to appear before the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee and the Supreme Court should also step in using its suo motu powers. Also, I think the Pakistan Cricket Board should not be spared either and its leadership be taken to task for its clear failure in preventing the monster of match-fixing from again rearing its head. This time the monster will devour the whole of Pakistan cricket, it seems.

M Mohammad

Published in The Express Tribune, August 31st, 2010.

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cerminizay | 10 years ago | Reply Without any proof u cant judge anyone! Innocent until proven guilty is the law of Islam as well as any modern democratic nation. The suspects are dealt with respect till they are convicted of a sentence but that's besides the point, since, our own people don't feel the need to investigate anything and judge everything on a 2 hour news clip and sentence as they like and punish people on the streets and of course everyone holds the "right" judgement. Since the players haven't been pronounced guilty yet, u cant ridicule them or pass judgements till they are. Even the British media just pronounced the whole case a planned scam and said there is no solid evidence found to convict either the players or the fraudulent claimer Mazhar Majeed. It was also reported that the paper carries least credibility of the news it prints and has been sued by many famous people like David Beckham and Brad Pitt to name a few and it earns a high income because of its gossip columns which are usually just "gossip" and the names its given such as the "fake shaikh" and the reporter of lies stick to it. People of Pakistan need to understand some facts before they start acting jahil and pass on extremist remarks. What if those players are proven innocent? i guess then all those who pointed their fingers and passed out obnoxious comments should be given "ibratnaak saza" or should be "hanged" or i guess brought to the streets and beaten to death!!! We are an extremist nation and there is no doubt about it! we all should be ashamed. The two brothers who were killed in Sialkot were killed in the same way. No investigation, nothing. Our country's people, whether educated or not are basically jahil and don't understand the meaning of law and they certainly don't have any brains. they are just dumb goats, where one goes the rest follow!!! No wonder we are losing everything we had...including our heroes...!!!
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