Media watch: Falling from grace

Pakistan cricket takes a bashing in the media, with players and the PCB bearing the brunt of the onslaught.

August 30, 2010

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FIA urged to probe alleged betting scam

The Federal Investigation Agency has been urged by the chairman of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Sports, Iqbal Mohammad Ali Khan, to probe the alleged betting scam involving Pakistani cricketers during their fourth Test at Lord’s besides approaching Scotland Yard police. Imran Ali Teepu (

Weak management primary reason behind latest scandal

Shahid Afridi, who resigned as Pakistan’s Test captain after leading the team to a big loss in the first Test at Lord’s against Australia last month, informed Yawar that Mazhar Majeed and his brother Azhar were suspicious characters and should be kept away from the team players. “Afridi told Yawar in clear words that Azhar and Mazhar could have links to match-fixers,” said a reliable source. “He told the manager that he should make it sure that such characters are kept away from his teammates because they are trying to target players like Salman Butt.” Khalid Hussain (

Cricket ‘fix’ claims shock arrested man’s brother

“I found it not laughable, because you don’t laugh at things like that, but I thought it was just rubbish,” Azhar Majeed said. “I saw the video of Mazhar sitting there counting out money on the table. They are alleging it was for matchfixing ... I have absolutely no idea about it whatsoever.” (

Ramiz Raja: Pakistan's Mohammad Amir will pay the price for quick-fix mentality

This is a product of a society that lacks leadership and a reflection of how Pakistani society is thinking in that if you want to get to the top you sidetrack the system. It is the mindset of making a quick buck rather than working for the long haul. Mohammad Amir is a living example of that. What a waste of talent. He had the world at his feet. He could have done anything. Counties would have been queuing up to sign him. The IPL also. A place in the Pakistan side was guaranteed for 10 years. He would have made a fortune anyway. Ramiz Raja (

Stop the tour, save the game

It was impossible to take one's eyes off Amir, but for reasons different than those of a couple of days ago, when he was utterly compelling as he glided in and made magic with the ball. Now you watched him walk in with the knowledge that every eye in the stands looked on in judgement. A wan smile tried to hide the storm that surely raged within as he tried to defend his mere wicket with a shadow looming over his honour. The heart ached for the bowler who had captivated us all year. Surely a boy so gifted couldn't have let his soul be corrupted at such a tender age? It was a relief when Graeme Swann spun a ball past his bat and bowled him. Surely we'd see Amir bowl in a Test match again? The alternative is too depressing to contemplate. Sambit Bal (


Usman | 11 years ago | Reply Agreed with Fizzah ...Actually our nation is compromised of purely of illiterate people who can now use internet and write in English
Fizzah | 11 years ago | Reply Shame on you rocket and Kessar! Are you one of those who support what happened to the 2 brothers in Sialkot? How could you say this even as a joke? What kind of extremist mob mentality is this? Even a convicted murderer DOES NOT deserve what was done to the Sialkot brothers so HOW can you say this for the accused players? These are just allegations,nothing is proved and even if it is how can you even suggest such a thing? People time and again hinting about the Sialkot like treatment to players in several public forums and comments is extremely disturbing.I request Express Tribune to not let such disturbing comments go through.
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