Muslim girl cannot skip swim class: German court

Court says she can wear full-body swimsuit called burkini already used by other girls at the school.

Afp September 29, 2012

BERLIN: A German court on Friday refused to allow a Muslim student to skip swimming lessons after she said she was uncomfortable being so close to bare-chested boys.

The 12-year-old, originally from Morocco but going to school in the southern German city of Frankfurt, had refused to take part in swimming lessons and had been marked down accordingly.

She filed to be given the right to skip the classes, her lawyer arguing that according to the Quran, she was not only forbidden from showing herself to boys but also from seeing the topless boys.

An administrative court in Kassel, western Germany, rejected her application.

It said in its ruling that she could wear the full-body swimsuit, known as the "burkini" already used by several girls at her school, which would be enough to guarantee her religious freedom.

The family had chosen to live in Germany where mixed swimming classes were the norm, the court pointed out.

One of the aims of the school system was to promote integration and tolerance, the court added, citing a ruling by Germany's constitutional court.

The applicant would have to put up with the sight of her classmates in their swimming costumes, the court said.

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Concerned | 8 years ago | Reply Oh btw that statement "Whereas if the kid reasonably thinks it violates his or her religion, they could be accommodated to be home schooled, therefore still given education." was in reply to Mustafa Alvi's hypothetical situation of a kid who doesn't want education at all. Not related to this article
Toba Alu | 8 years ago | Reply


Sorry guys homeschooling is in principle illegal in Germany. Schooling is also compulsory, so you better follow the rules of the land.

@Concerned, if such exceptions continue to be demanded by Muslims, sure that Germany and other western countries are going to ask immigrants or even only visitors to sign documents that oblige them to follow our rules and regulations. We have already too many in the West asking for the introduction of Sharia law and other unacceptable demands. Just wait and see. Laws in the west are not carved in stone as in most Islamic Countries. Laws usually follow desired developments or forbid undesired developments.

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