Fashion Police: Print disaster

Published: September 25, 2012

Bollywood actor Rani Mukherji maintained her image of the worst dressed B-town celebrity at the sets of “Dance Ke Superkids”. The actor was wearing a vomit-coloured printed dress with neon orange flowers on it. We are not really sure what she was thinking but we know we are thinking of washing our eyes with a good disinfectant once we are done analysing her ‘look’.

The Charge Sheet

Hair: Take one Rani Mukherji, add a lot of gunky hairspray and make a low half-pony and behold you have the worst’s ugliest half-tie ever. The actor’s hair reeks of chemicals and looks like a victim of Mumbai’s humidity. Rani has officially earned a spot on our ‘must give make-over’ list.

Make-up: The actor’s face is her saving grace in this picture. Her olive eyes have been accentuated by light smokey make-up while the rest of her face is subtle with an almost nude pout. Just keep your eyes off her hideous neon pink nail colour and you’ll be fine.

Jewellery: Though pretty cool in their own right, these chunky beads on Rani look like she borrowed them from a trendy cow. With Bakra Eid coming up, all these beads remind us of goats and their clinky ornaments. Oh Rani! Take some inspiration from your name and bring in a bit of glamour.

Outfit: This mix print dress would’ve been bearable if it were in any other colour but this olive green (reminding us of all things smelly and disgusting). The only good thing about this dress are the two orange coloured flowers on the bodice which unfortunately do little to make this dress look less ugly. That heavily embellished gold belt right around the bulge of her waist is making the actor look more bell-shaped than ever.

Wear it like

This model looks sizzling hot in her loud and funky maxi dress from Mango. She hasn’t overdone the make-up and her decision not to wear accessories was wise, unlike Rani’s. The abstract colourful print keeps our eyes glued on her and not anywhere else.

This lady carried off her maxi dress fearlessly. The black top of the dress enhances her curves and breaks the floral pattern, complementing the rest of her. She’s flaunting her sexy look without the pony-tail, big beads, or hot-pink nails. Sorry Rani, simplicity is what works best!

Hillary is wearing a similar style maxi without looking hideous. It is a single-print from top to bottom, yet still appealing to the eyes because of the softness of colour, something Rani should’ve kept in mind. Her casual style, light lipstick, messy hair, and limited jewellery makes her look fabulous.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 26th, 2012.

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  • getbacktowork
    Oct 17, 2012 - 3:14AM

    lol! goris cant pull of print like our women cant pull of western attire.


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