Nawaz asks Hindus not to leave Pakistan

PML-N chief says Pakistan belongs to the minorities as much as it belongs to the Muslims.

Ferya Ilyas September 14, 2012

KARACHI: Appealing to the Hindu community members not to leave the country, Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif said it's appalling how the government is ignoring the minorities in Sindh.

Speaking to the media in Karachi on Friday, Sharif said the country belongs to the minorities as much as it belongs to the Muslims.

Extending support to them, Sharif said that Pakistan is incomplete without the people belonging to other religions.

The PML-N chief is in Karachi to visit the factory where more than 200 people were killed due to a fire.

Local government

Commenting on the controversial local government ordinance for Sindh, Sharif said that having two systems for one province doesn’t make sense.

He stated that the ordinance was introduced by the two parties - Pakistan Peoples Party and Muttahida Quami Movement - without discussing it with others.

“Issues like these should be discussed in the National Assembly and the Senate; all provinces across Pakistan should have a uniform system,” Sharif said.

He said that steps taken without national consensus don’t last for long.


Expressing concern over the havoc caused by the recent heavy downpour in the province, Sharif said that the provincial government should concentrate on rehabilitating those who are affected by the rains rather than on issues like local government system.

“The people of Sindh have not completely recovered from last year’s floods and they are now facing problems because of this year’s monsoon season,” he said.

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sabi | 8 years ago | Reply

Roshan, 2Mian Sb, No more double standards plz… is what your son-in-law endorsed four days back:" Because of complex pokistani politics Nawaz Sharif, as a strategy,has many hawks in his party to attract right wing voters.Many get confused and take his party as rightest party which is not true.NS is a powerfull leader and nobody in his party dare to differ with him.He is an honest man and respect every pakistani irespective of religion or ethnicity.He has expressed the same views about ahmadys and even called them our brothers and sisters and assets of pakistan.Mullahs from pakistan as well as india threatend him to take his statement back otherwise face decree of infidility.He gave it a damn and nothing happened.

munna | 8 years ago | Reply

What is Pakistan doing to enable registration of hindu marriages? Forced conversions? Positions in govt ? .do I need say more?

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