Zardari using 'journalists' for electioneering: Chaudhry Nisar

Zardari is siphoning off public money by using people who are posing as journalists, says Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

Ema Anis September 12, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan unleashed allegations against President Asif Ali Zardari during a press briefing on Wednesday outside the parliament. He alleged that Zardari was using the public money to campaign for the next elections and is using ‘fake’ journalists for the purpose.

“I have proof with me. The people who were affected came to me with the proof. I don’t want to name anyone. It includes people from the media, some from agencies as well – the agencies which capture thieves,” he told the media.

“All I want to say is, that there is a cell in the President House which, under the supervision of Asif Ali Zardari, is siphoning off the money of the people of Pakistan. One particular agency is being used. The money will go into a revolving fund which will be used to campaign in the next elections,” he alleged.

Chaudhry Nisar also claimed that Zardari was siphoning off money with the help of some people who are posing as journalists, and billions of rupees are involved in this.

He further called for an independent audit of the advertisements being run for several government institutions.

“I am openly challenging Zardari to take me to court,” Chaudhry Nisar said.


Naseer | 9 years ago | Reply

PML-N deem itself the sole owner of Punjab, they think that Punjab is the land of their forefathers. PML-N is constantly manipulating against other provinces through Punjab. The rant of Chaudhry Nisar is just because of PPP stance to carve out new provinces. PML-N is failing to understand it is not the voice of PPP but of millions people who are facing animosity of PML-N as sole claimer of Punjab. PML-N has unleashed Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to launch a clandestine campaign against PPP leaders. If you could remember the verbal assault of PML-N on MQM few months ago, you will find out that PML-N leaders are mischievous. They ignite the fire and then try to prove them innocent. The tirade of Zardari against PML-N leaders is not invain.

meekal a ahmed | 9 years ago | Reply

who is this fellow that generates so many comments?

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