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Sahar Habib September 09, 2012



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Episode 10 (Aug 31)

Falak has a nasty fall and suffers a miscarriage. She is devastated and her grandmother tells her to have faith in Allah, that she should trust in His plan for her and tells her to always ask for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy. Falak doesn’t understand why she should ask for forgiveness. It wasn’t her fault that she fell and miscarried. Why did this have to happen to her?

Slowly she gets past the incident, and her second wedding anniversary is approaching. Salman hasn’t mentioned anything to her and she’s sure he’s going to surprise her. Her friend and mother-in-law jokingly suggest he might have forgotten, but she says she knows Salman and that he must have something planned. Even when he says he’s going to Hyderabad the morning of their anniversary, she thinks he’s pretending to have forgotten.

Later though, instead of the dream surprise party she thought she was getting, Falak ends up celebrating her wedding anniversary with just her parents. When he finally calls her, she is upset that he forgot but he yells at her for not reminding him and making a big fuss about it.

Her view of Salman is still so narrow. Whenever Salman does something hurtful or insensitive, something the audience totally expects from him, Falak is always so surprised at Salman’s behaviour. She thinks he’s changing when he’s being inconsiderate or short-tempered, but really he’s been this guy all along.


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Episode 15 (Aug 29)

Maulvi escorts Sumbal back to her parents’ house after she learns of her father’s death. However, her brother says she must leave. She is as good as dead to them.

Aazi is still trying to convince Emaan that they should go to America. He did a lot of questionable things in the run up to his wedding and did not care much about the consequences because he thought he’d be leaving the country. He owes a lot of people money, including his best friend Sajid, and now it looks like he might be stuck here to face their wrath.

Devolving into bitterness, frustration, resentment and also fear, he starts lashing out at everybody. He tells his father his relationship with Emaan is inappropriate. Aazi’s father slaps him and Aazi strikes back.

Abba jee’s daughters-in-law rise up to defend him, but he leaves home and goes back to the senior citizens’ home.

Emaan comes to visit Abba and refuses to go back home without him. In an odd turn of events, Abba’s friend Pasha takes them both to his house where he intends for the three of them to live happily ever after and turn it from a house into a home. In next week’s episode, the neighbours are gossiping about Emaan running off with Aazi’s father and there’s no telling what an already panicked Aazi might do.


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Episode 17 (Aug 30)

The bahu power play in the Azmat house heats up when Roheena slaps Kashan’s daughter for calling her a witch. Up until now Sadaf has been quiet, reserved and hesitant whenever Roheena has tried to intimidate or manipulate her, but she finally asserts herself as bari bahu to defend her step-daughter and makes it clear she’s not to be messed with. As Kashan has become more accepting of her, she seems to be getting increasingly confident in her new role.

Zubeida had Khursheed marry Mehak because she thought that the solution to many of her problems; Mehak would come to her senses after getting married and the two women would have the security of a man in the house. However, it hasn’t turned out to be much better for them.

Mehak is still her own worst enemy, she hates the position she’s in married to her elder sister’s widower and forced to care for his four children, but she keeps doing things that only make Khursheed angrier.Khursheed has taken it very personally that Sadaf didn’t attend the wedding, even though Zubeida explained to him that she was kept away because Kashan was in a car accident. Zubeida and Mehak become the objects of his anger and he forbids them from having any sort of contact with Sadaf until she comes over with her husband and apologizes for her absence.

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