Cabinet approves Fair Trial Act, amendments in anti-terrorism laws

Federal cabinet also approved an increase in minority seats in national, provincial assemblies.

Web Desk September 05, 2012

ISLAMABAD: In an effort to counter the growing terrorism in the country, the federal cabinet has approved amendments in anti-terrorism laws and introduced a “Fair Trial Act” on Wednesday, reported Express News.

The Fair Trial Act will allow for admission of electronic evidence in the court of law. The bill will also allow action to be taken against those who use emails and SMSs to harass people.

The bill is expected to be presented in the National Assembly later today for approval.

During the session, the cabinet also approved a bill calling for an increase in minority seats in the national and provincial assemblies.

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JQ | 8 years ago | Reply

Fair Trial Act! Is this act applicable in a foreign jurisdiction? I doubt it would be hardly followed religiously in our country. Whom do you think will derive benefit from this newly enacted legislation? The existing laws have miserably failed to deliver justice to common people under the theme of just, equity and fair play. So, why burdening the courts and lawyers?

John B | 8 years ago | Reply

What evidence is admissible or inadmissible should be left to the trial judge. Evidence specific Laws specifying admissibility of evidence will only make it weak since such laws can not cover all possible means of evidences.

Strengthening the laws of admissibility is a better way.

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