Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donates $700,000

It is the largest amount donated by an individual for the victims of the ongoing flood crisis in Pakistan.

Ppi August 26, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has contributed $700,000 for flood victims in Pakistan on Thursday.

It is the largest amount donated by an individual for the victims of the floods. This donation was made in response to an appeal made by Syed Tazeem-ur-Rehman Hejazi, country director British Asian Worldwide Association. The appeal was made on August 16 and the response received on Wednesday, Aug 25, 2010.

Mohammad Balal Abbasi, Global Chief Executive BAWA and Tazeem Hejazi have sent a letter of thanks on behalf of People of Pakistan to Bill Gates and Melinda Gates for their generosity.


sana | 10 years ago | Reply big round ov applause to them for helping our pakistanis,, our president is not doing as muchh as they are doing ,,, i suggest u please why dont a single country takes the responsibilty of one village and reconstruct for their living,, its a healty suggestion we can work on this if we want to
Lamia Al Sari | 10 years ago | Reply Calling the donation of the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation "peanuts" is so typical of some of my Pakistani friends. Please be thankful for all donations by non-Muslims. At this time Pakistan can't afford to be a "chooser" . All Pakistanis who are safe and dry in their homes, should come together and donate one-fifth of their assets as one-fifth of the country is submerged under water. IT IS YOUR MORAL RESPONSIBILITY TO SAVE YOUR COUNTRY FROM THE BRINK OF DISASTER. OTHERS ARE HELPING OUT BECAUSE OF THEIR HUMAN GOODNESS...THEY ARE IN NO WAY OBLIGED. A concerned non-Pakistani.
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