Pakistan Constitution should make hijab compulsory: JI

Jamaat-e-Islami celebrates "International Hijab Day", says the west is using media against Islam.

Owais Jafri September 02, 2012

MULTAN: The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) demanded on Sunday that hijab should be made compulsory in the Constitution of Pakistan to make it an obligatory element of life for all women.

More than 200 women of Multan had gathered at Nawaz Shehar Square to protest against "media campaigns targeting hijab" and announced that the JI will celebrate “International Hijab Day” every year on September 4. The protest was led by the head of JI Multan women wing, Nazima Lala Rukh.

The protesters declared media as the biggest tool used by the west against Islam and said, “Hijab is the identity of women and the media is unaware of the holiness of hijab which is helping the western hands.”

The protesting women were wearing veils and were covered from head to toe beyond recognition. They declared that this was the right way of doing hijab which is compulsory for all Muslim women in the world.

The women were also carrying placards and banners against the western community, blaming the media for being their agent and supporters.

The protest continued for two hours.

The JI has planned to organise special seminars in women institutions all across Pakistan to teach women about the importance and compulsion of hijab to commemorate Hijab Day.


Anum | 9 years ago | Reply

There should not be compulsion on anyone for taking hijab, but for all those who think that taking hijab is a personal choice.. For that, I would say, surely it is BUT above that it is ALLAH's choice for Muslim women and that is made obligatory on them according to Qur'aan. Moreover, there is no harm in making hijab compulsory as it would be so good to see those modern Muslim women taking hijab and covering themselves properly who have taken off their dupattas completely.

UM | 9 years ago | Reply

In Islam ALLAH ALMIGHTY doesnot demand muslim women to cover her face,hand or feet .... infact there are five direct verses in Holy Quran, which explain how a muslim woman should cover herself while going out of home. where as our young generation even is under much under the influence of tv (media) that they even have forgotten to wear "Dupatta" which is the part of our national dress. so atles a muslim women should dressup in such a way that people respect her instead lookin at her. and covering yourself enhances respect and dignity of a women.

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