Fashion Police: Faux pas galore

Published: August 28, 2012
Meet our criminal of the week who has (literally) killed the look.

Meet our criminal of the week who has (literally) killed the look.

Meet our criminal of the week who has (literally) killed the look. Meet our criminal of the week who has (literally) killed the look.

Celebrities spotted at the HVJ Fashion Show held on August 25 left quite an impression on us fashion lovers. While some dazzled with their sweet and sultry short dresses, others made us want to batter our brains out with a crowbar. Meet our criminal of the week who has (literally) killed the look. We don’t need to know her name to say that her dress looks like a squished crocodile with some deathly skin disease situation going on. Enough said.


The actor’s mane is somewhere between curls and waves which is fine but we believe it’s time she met with her hair stylist and told him or her that it’s time for a trim. The rat tails are making her overall hairdo look out of shape and are giving an unnecessary sharpness to her otherwise soft hair style.


While there is nothing wrong with her make-up or her orange pout for that matter, we so wish she had done something about those eye bags and the dark circles that are making her look hungover. Also, adding a pinch bit of shimmer powder to your face just brings that healthy, young glow that every woman needs today.


Whoever thought that people can’t go wrong with snakeskin or crocodile skin, please meet our lab rat right here, who has slaughtered the very concept of looking sexy in a crocodile skin- inspired dress. She sticks out like a sore thumbin times when celebs are rocking animal prints in the day and night.


If analysed separately, the orange-red clutch and the buckled up heels in the same tone aren’t all that bad. We are especially fond of heels that add a scrumptious pop to the overall tanned out and blotchy dress. But when paired with this dress, they look out of place and come across as a blob of colour forcibly added to make the dress look alive.

Bail out!


Even though this black crocodile skin dress is too safe for Rihanna’s regular standards, she still has all our respect for rocking this look and not looking like a total mess. This black reptilian-inspired Tom Ford creation is a serious statement maker. The daringly low back drop and leg slit brought in the sexy element while the dress’s crocodile-meets-lizard-skin texture gave off an exotic feel, with the dress hugging every curve on Rihanna’s body.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer arrived at the o2 Arena for The Hunger Games LA premiere in a one-of-a-kind crocodile skin halter-neck dress by Ralph Lauren. Grazia was told it took over 800 hours to hand-bead Jennifer’s frock, but all the hard work paid off when it simply dazzled under the flash bulbs. The look was topped off with Roger Vivier shoes and a black YSL waistbelt.


This dress by Neiman Marcus is the right amount of sexiness and sophistication. The body hugging dress is perfect for petite girls who wish to make an impression at fashion launches. However, to avoid looking like a total bore, this dress could be complemented with gold jewellery or even a gold watch, accessories that will surely prep you for a fashion event.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 29th, 2012.

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  • Nizam
    Aug 28, 2012 - 9:41PM

    Hurrah! All of Pakistan’s problems are clearly solved. We can now focus on such trivial matters like who wore which fake animal print.


  • ana
    Aug 29, 2012 - 12:14PM

    seriously, the life and style sections is terrible here. somebody should replace the staff!!


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