Get the look: Colour pop!

Sophia donned an orange dress by Olcay Gulsen with Roman goddess inspired gold bangles and cuffs.

August 22, 2012

Actor Sophia Bush arrived at the “Do Something Awards” in Santa Monica looking like an emblem of everything snazzy. The actor has made it to the number one spot on our girl-crush list just because of her outfit which is a treat for our very demanding eyes.

Sophia donned an orange dress by Olcay Gulsen with Roman goddess inspired gold bangles and cuffs that added extra touches of luxe to her look. Be careful, O commoners, extreme gorgeousness ahead!


Au natural with a tinge of dusky brown seems to be the trend of the season. Long gone are the days when looking like an 11-layered wedding cake was considered a trend in the fashion world. You can still plaster layers of foundation on your face if you’re a Japanese geisha, but for the rest of us too much make-up is a no-no. The actor has bronze creamy shadow smeared on her eyelids which can easily be found in the Revlon Illuminance range, costing not more than Rs1,200. For just a hint of blush on go for Covergirl’s Cheeker’s blush range or The Bodyshop’s small blush pots that come in wide range from subtle to dramatic.


These long, dreary humid days demand a mess-free hairdo and nothing covers up heat hassle better than a bun. The actor tied her hair up in a corporate bun which stands out on its own because it’s in sharp contrast to her funky outfit. Wet your locks, comb them and tie a tight ponytail. Make sure there are no loose strands. Twist the ponytail and secure with bobby pins to make a clean bun. Seal the wet look with hair spray.


Chunky gold bangles can add instant oomph and zing to the dullest of attires. One can turn a grey sweater that would make you yawn otherwise into a chic ensemble just by adding identical gold cuffs around the wrist area. Next time you go shopping make sure you bag these babies from Accessorize for not more than Rs2,000.


This almost body hugging orange dress by Olcay Gulsen is the perfect blend of tease and class. It’s not making 30-year-old actor look like Hollywood’s hutchie grandmother (also known as Madonna), nor is it making her look like a cat stuck in a sack. She has paired her orange dress with black and gold peep toes and a scrumptious gold clutch. Mantra has some pretty good long dresses in stock (around Rs4,000) while you can always get a pair of peep toes from one of the many shops that have shoes from Thailand on their racks for as cheap as Rs1,000.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 23rd, 2012. 

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