Human Rights First condemns arrest of 11-year-old blasphemy accused girl

Says case demands refocusing of world's attention on abuse of blasphemy laws.

Web Desk August 21, 2012

WASHINGTON:  Human Rights First (HRF), an American organisation for human rights, has condemned the recent arrest of the 11-year-old Christian girl in Pakistan who has been accused of blasphemy for allegedly burning a Noorani Quaida.

“This case is outrageous and should refocus the world’s attention on the abuse of blasphemy laws around the globe,” said Human Rights First’s Joelle Fiss.

“President Asif Ali Zardari has called for an investigation into the case, but his words are not enough. He must call for calm and an end to the mob violence and intimidation this young girl and her family now face. Pakistani authorities must also protect her rights as she awaits her fate in an Islamabad jail. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Pakistan’s blasphemy laws trigger violence and be applied arbitrarily. It’s time for lawmakers to act.”

The girl was sent to juvenile jail on judicial remand and police, according to sources, have not allowed lawyers or civil society representatives to visit the girl.

Though President Asif Ali Zardari has asked for an investigation on this case, the girl has faced mob violence from angry protesters and Pakistani police have confirmed that she will be detained for 14 days while the case is investigated.


eve | 11 years ago | Reply

r u serious Blasphemy law on 11 year old kid... ur laws now have started on kids...she hardly knows wht her Religion means...

Khizra Raza | 11 years ago | Reply

although i believe that this is something completely wrong, but US interference in this matter is disturbing to me, they should have even thought about human rights before detaining innocent Muslims, or burning the Holy Quran or before being racist and hard on Muslims, why dont they ever consider their human rights code before their own acts????

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