Two US drone strikes kill 6 militants in North Waziristan: Officials

First strike killed four militants, second killed two.

Afp/zulfiqar Ali August 19, 2012

MIRANSHAH/ DI KHAN: At least six militants were killed when US drones fired missiles twice on Sunday in North Waziristan Agency. 

In the first strike, four missiles were fired on two vehicles in the Mana Gurbaz area of district Shawal in North Waziristan Agency, while two missiles were fired in the second strike at the same site where militants were removing the wreckage of their destroyed vehicles.

An official of the security forces from the area told The Express Tribune that around 4:30am two drones hovering in the air fired missiles on two vehicles carrying militants. “They were coming from Mana Gurbaz to Miranshah when the drones took over them,” he said, adding that the vehicles were completely destroyed.

A local tribesman said that the militants killed in the strike were from the Hafiz Gul Bhadar Taliban group, an influential local Taliban commander in North Waziristan Agency.

The Shawal district borders with Afghanistan, an area covered with forests and high mountains, strategically and geographically an important place and constantly targeted by drones.

The first strike which targeted a compound had killed at least six militants in Shuwedar village in Shawal district on Saturday.

This is the second attack since Army chief General Parvez Kayani hinted at a military offensive in the same region but said it would not be initiated at the behest of any outside power.